Interview with Cyrus “org” Habibi

BY Andrew Miesner / March 12, 2009

Some of you were former Pandemic CS players in the past. How does it feel to be representing the organization once again?

Org Honestly I don’t involve feeling with the business side of CS.  Lemley and the Pandemic guys are great.  They’ve been more than welcoming towards us.  All we’re trying to do is prepare for events and win.   Pandemic has been on top of the US gaming scene for some time now, and we feel a huge amount of professionalism there.  We’re comfortable where we’re at and all we’re trying to do is buckle down focus and win.   

Your team has experienced mixed results online, how has your team been preparing for LAN?

Org We’ve been using as much time as we can in the past month to prepare for this event.  We have gone over tactics, setups, pistols, ecos, bomb plants, communication, stacks, retakes, nades, flashes, smokes, boosts, spams…

How has the transition back to CS1.6 been coming along for the team?  

Org Hahah at first when we came back, I seriously thought 1.6 looked like a Nintendo64 game.  I would always be bickering about how outdated the game was and how slow paced it was.  That all went away fairly quick, and to be honest the transition was never really a problem for myself or for my teammates.  Individually, all we needed was a little tiny bit of time to get back into our grooves from not playing in so long.

How are you feeling about progress made within the squad?

Org Uhhh it really wasn’t till yesterday that I started feeling good about our team.  The fact is our online league schedule has been conflicting with our LAN practice schedule.  We’re over here having to play maps like tuscan, cpl_strike, cpl_mill, forge, russka when on LAN those maps just aren’t being used.  We’ve made the best of it though and for the past month that we practiced we seriously have established a pretty good foundation.

Predict the outcome of KODE5. Who does Pandemic view to be the stronger competitors at the event?  

Org  That is such a toss up right there.  The outcome of this specific event can sway any way at any time.  Especially with all the US teams being so young right now.  Almost all the teams have changed their roster and have only been together for months at max.  Your stronger teams at these event in no specific order are definately GG, x3o, EG, FD and Pandemic.   

How have you been practicing on an individual level to make sure your individual skills are coming back to shape?

Org  The usual.  I deathmatch, bot, pug, practice, watch demos.   

What about KODE5 are you looking forward to the most?

Org Lol… I saw this gotfrag post the other day that caught my attention. would definately make my day.