Interview with dboorN

BY Andrew Miesner / October 20, 2009

With the ESEA Finals in Dallas, TX on the horizon, we were able to sit down with our very own Derek “dboorN” Boorn to get his thoughts on the event as well as on coL’s recent results at WCG.

First off, who are you and how exactly did you get your start into competitive gaming, and then coL? 

Getting into competitive gaming wasn’t too much of a transition for me. I had a couple of good friends that I went to school with that got me into it (I used to make fun of them for it, actually). I joined a team with them and we competed in leagues together. When I started playing, they were already in CALmain so I kind’ve skipped the pubbing escapades. From there, I stuck with the core group of guys and we bounced around on a couple of local Texas teams, notables including MugNMouse and desire2excel. I never had any initiative to venture out of Texas as the LAN scene was something I thoroughly enjoyed. As time progressed I ended up joining POV, consisting of hero and Irukandji, two of the players on coL today. It’s safe to say we’ve had an extremely strong bond since those days so when the spot opened with mehLer, I fooled them into thinking I was the right fit.

You guys just won CEVO-P, did you think you would take EG in two maps after losing to them previously in the Upper Bracket Finals? 

I’d like to conclude that my team is extremely confident in any situation we’re put in. Is that true? Doubtful. In regards to this specific situation I’d say it would bode true. Last year we were put in the exact same predicaments, losing on dust2 in the upper final and having to win twice in the grand final. It’s always a battle versus those guys and I think neither team is ever counted out (they proved that at ESEA LAN).

The WCG finals were a great upset for the team. No one expected coL to place fourth at an American event. It is easy to say that this loss brings great motivation for you guys to do much better in the future. Could you isolate one problem that was a key factor in you guys not being able to pull out the win, or did things just not fall right on that day?

People are going to look a lot at the roster change. This roster change had absolutely nothing to do with our placing at the event as it did with our overall mentality and the course our team had started to take. If I could isolate one problem for our poor showing, communication would have to be it. Communication is the absolute key to success and triggers a lot of other things in-game including rotations and awareness. This loss was a lot easier to take as we simply had everything setup for us (tside dust2, inferno first map in the finals) and we weren’t able to take advantage of it because we simply got outplayed. ESEA LAN was definitely a lot tougher because of the fashion in which we lost. In no way, at this LAN, we were ever in position to simply run away with it. The motivation is definitely there and we’ll see where it takes us.

How do you feel about the use of new maps, along with the older ones in leagues? Do you prefer the basic four maps or are the new maps something you’ve always wanted?

I’m a huge newb in the sense that I enjoy the new maps. I used to play source randomly for two to three weeks at a time just because the change was fun. I’m actually excited to see the game play on ProMod because on the map previews, season was one of them and I’m a sucker for that map in source. The new maps, the different styles, it was all something I honestly enjoyed. The new map that ESEA has come out with, lite, definitely has potential. The first time I played it was in a match vs Ruins for ESEA and it was easy to catch on to. Since then, I’ve played it on ESEA a ton and have been learning more and more about it. The “big 4” definitely become dull and repetitive. You can only do so much. The format of playoffs at ESEA LAN is actually going to test this theory and lite is being played round one along with mill being played round two. It will definitely be interesting to see how it plays out, along with player reactions, in a competitive setting where the matches are meaningful.

You have ESEA coming to a close in a month and the ESEA-LAN Playoffs, what are you guys doing to prepare for the best showing possible? 

Due to the lack of true teams, or dedicated teams, in the USA, we’ve taken a different approach to practice. Although, with the new pickup, we’re having to implement a ton of new concepts and strategies, it’s going to better our team in the long run. We’re still obtaining chemistry and teamwork with thoMz but so far, the transition has been as smoothly as it could be.

Also, pending an invitation, you guys will attend DreamHack in Sweden. How excited are you to finally get the chance to compete internationally?

It’s definitely something we’ve all been truly looking forward to do for awhile now. Turmoil actually pulled out of WCG, forfeiting their spot to us, but then decided they were going to go. That was a bit of a tease as we’re all eager to see where we fare on a global stage. The USA, and its events, makes it tough to gauge your true skill and see where you stack up.

Everyone has always been talking about the big EG “rivalry”. Would you call this your sole rival? It does seem that when you guys meet, it almost always goes 50/50. 

The rivalry comes strictly because of the organizations and not the players. From a player standpoint, our rival (and their rival, prior to my joining) has always been Turmoil. The EG rivalry is also solely based upon being neck and neck for the top spot in the USA. It’s fun for the fans though and I guess that’s what matters!

You have been a full time student since the fall semester began. How do you go about managing your life with CS and School? 

In all honesty, it’s not that tough to manage as long as you have your priorities right. I’m the biggest procrastinator out there and I still maintain to get everything done in a timely fashion without being rushed. The only thing there’s ever any controversy involving the two is traveling to events because of the fact I’m only allotted a certain amount of absences per class. Some professors are more lenient and really couldn’t care less if you attend but there are also professors on the other end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, this semester, I’m out of luck.

Do you have any shoutouts?

As always, a big thanks to the fans for supporting us (even if we blow events and make you look foolish!) through the good and the bad. It’s always nice to have that type of backing. Also to our sponsors, Creative, XFX, PureTrak, G8 and Fame Servers. They allow us to travel to all of these events and live our dream. The usual personal shout outs to toyc, PSA and ak^_^v! Thanks for taking the time to read this and be sure to follow us through the NewEgg online tournament as well as the ESEA LAN finals starting on November 7th!