Interview with FalleN – Post Kode5

BY Andrew Miesner / December 15, 2010

Leading up to the event, what was the teams practice schedule like? Were you able to get much play in?

Unfortunately for us I was finishing up my army duties during the same period that we were practicing. With Kode5 right around the corner, we definitely didn’t get as much practice in as we would have liked. Once again we were all together at Bruno’s house to practice but we could only stay like that for 3 days because I had some medic exams to take and couldn’t be as available as the others.

How was the event setup? When you arrived to the LAN center, what was going through your mind?

On Friday, we arrived at the LAN center and managed to boot camp with several of the other teams. The LAN was great, however it was difficult to plug our gear in. We definitely did not imagine that this LAN would have so many problems during the event later…

The tournament was riddled with computer issues and internet problems. What problems did you, as a team, experience? What could have been done better?

To begin, we definitely can not say that the admins were not trying to fix the issues. They absolutely did their best. Our team unfortunately had problems in every game we played. Against “Hard Division” on train I got disconnected twice in the beginning with with an AWP in my hand as a Terrorist. I told them to change my computer after we lost 2 gun rounds because of that and the game was already in favor of HD 7-0. There were also several other problems, but in my opinion, most, if not all were related to the switch/network setup. It was REALLY hot inside the building and some computers crashed along with two of our headsets and 1 of our keyboards. Something really weird was happening on those days.

Did the issues with the tournament affect your gameplay at all?

All of the teams were affected by the issue at some point. Some teams were affected a lot worse, while others not so much. We can’t blame the loss on the situation though.

Going into the Grand Finals, you were to face a CNB team that you had lost to earlier in the night. Did you make any changes to your game-plan before the finals? What did CNB do well that allowed them to take first?

It’s not like we had lost to CNB earlier in the day and had time to recoup. Both matches happened late at night on the very last day of action. Our final game started at 07:00AM on Monday morning. That’s ridiculous! We couldn’t even sleep. I guess CnB deserved it since they practiced really hard for the last few months.

What can we expect from in the near future? Which tournaments will you be attending?

2010 is gone and I’m done with my army commitments. A new year is coming and we are all very excited with our new projects for this year. Currently, we are looking for an apartment in São Paulo in order to start some projects we have. These projects will change all of our lives. I can’t really tell anyone what those projects are, but I can say that they will really help the Brazilian Counter-Strike scene and its players.

We will attend the Intel Extreme Masters finals next year and will compete in any qualifiers we can find.

So guys, answering directly to the question you can expect our team to be doing all we can to reach the top and win some big events. This year will be really promising.


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