Interview with Heart

BY Andrew Miesner / February 18, 2012

Interview with Heart

by Alex “Yuenanimous” Yue / Translated by @dearyuna

First off Heart, allow me to welcome you to the compLexity family. How did you first hear about compLexity and why did you choose to sign with us over another team? Were you specifically looking to join a foreign team after leaving TSL?

When Mr. Lake asked me what my goals were, I told him my biggest dreams. I believe that coL is a major element to helping me achieve my dreams, and I believe I can also reciprocate by being an important role in helping compLexity achieve their own goals as well. The fact that the team I wanted to go to wanted to accept me is something that I’m very thankful for, and is the reason why I was able to be recruited quickly.

coL.CatZ introduced me to the Mr. Lake first. When I met with compLexity, they were very friendly and warm. When I emerged as an independent player, I was contacted by different Korean and foreign teams. The pros associated with Korean teams were the number of excellent players and tight practicing routines.  A good thing about joining a foreign team was that I would be able to practice at home. By joining a foreign team, I am also more able to focus on foreign tournaments.  I think the ability to perform on various playing fields also matches my own personal goals.

I believe Korean players have mastered the basics in the art of playing [Starcraft], but foreign players are known for uncovering unique playing styles that Korean players often do not think of. I also think it will be good for me to practice with foreign players because I would like to master a greater range of build strategies and various playing styles.

While you are a fantastic player, a lot of Western eSports fans are not too familiar with you. Could you educate them on your progaming history? Along the same lines, what kind of things do you like to do for fun besides StarCraft II? Any favorite movies, food, music, or other videogames? We want to get to know Kim Min Hyuk, the man behind Heart.

During Starcraft, I was a progamer for Hwaseung Oz until I had to quit due to health reasons. Up till recently, I have only participated in the WCG Korea Nationals and in Code A in its current season. However, I am certain that I will be able to further progress in my future.

I love all different types of movies; I recently had fun watching Mission Impossible. Food – Jack Daniels steak from TGI, and I like music from The Lonely Island.

One of the benefits of joining a “big” eSports team like compLexity is having the freedom to travel to tournaments that you may not otherwise get a chance to go to. Do you have any plans to attend foreign tournaments? I know that myself, as well as tons of other StarCraft II fans would love a chance to meet you at an MLG, IPL, or some other tournament.

I do have plans to attend foreign tournaments. However, I believe I will only attend these tournaments if I’m in the best condition and skill level. If I don’t feel that I’m up to par, I will train and then compete.

While you haven’t had a ton of foreign exposure, one thing us Westerners do know you from is the latest round of GSL Code A where you knocked out ST_Bomber in the round of 32. That was a pretty thrilling series, with you losing the first game but them coming back to win the next two. How do you mentally prepare yourself before a big game? How did you calm yourself down after losing the first game so you could come back and win the next two?

The situation I experienced in the first match was something that I had experienced while practicing, so I felt that my opponent reacted in ways in which I expected. Therefore, in the second and third matches, I was able to calm down and play the way I had planned to.

Next Tuesday (2/21) you will be playing in the round of 16 in Code A taking on SlayerS_Ryung. How do you think you will do? How familiar are you with his play style? Do you have any specific builds planned? If you win, can we expect a special ceremony?

Because I am friends with Ryung, and because I have practiced with him a lot, I believe that this will be a psychological struggle. I believe that this will be a competition in fundamentals because we know each other so well. As for the ceremony, I will do something if I progress far enough.

On a related topic, how do you prefer to train? A lot of progamers swear by custom games with teammates, while others (like your new teammate NaDa) prefer to ladder. Which method do you prefer and why?

If there is a competition, then I normally compete with teammates in custom matches. However, when there isn’t an upcoming match, I ladder and practice races that I feel less competent with.

Speaking of NaDa, he’s obviously one of the most famous players from the Brood War days. Does it mean anything to you to be on the same team as such a legend?

I’m very glad to have joined with a player that I have highly respected since the time I was an original Starcraft player. I would like to learn his form, skill, and his mindset.

What are you current plans in terms of living situation? I believe there’s an opportunity for compLexity players to live and train at the MVP house. Do you have any plans to move in and train with the MVP players? On a related note, compLexity player Drewbie was in Korea a few months ago. Did you have a chance to meet him or any of your other new teammates?

Currently I am practicing at home. I believe that training in the MVP team house is for the MVP coach to decide. I think living in a team house is a positive experience. I haven’t met any complexity teammates yet because I have not participated in any foreign tournaments; however, I did see them a lot online.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me Heart. Before we wrap this up, do you have any words for your new teammates? How about any for your fans? Also, good luck in the round of 16! All of us at compLexity will be cheering you on!

I really appreciate your interest in my recruitment for compLexity. I really want to return the favor to my fans by showing good results and displaying great matches.



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