Interview with Jimmy Lin

BY Andrew Miesner / February 7, 2009

We had an opportunity to catch up with Jimmy Lin, formally of Team3D, and here’s what he had to say!


So Jimmy, what have you been up to since playing for 3D in CGS? Are there any plans to get back into the competitive scene?

I’ve been up to tons of things since playing in CGS. I got to enjoy some of that money that I made from the previous year and purchased a car. I also started a new job and I’ve been spending a lot of time with my girlfriend and friends of course. So, I’m pretty much just living a regular life. There are always plans to get back into the competitve counter-strike scene. I have always enjoyed playing the game and I’m sure I will continue to enjoy it for many years. I just felt that after the CGS I needed to go on a little hiatus, but I have been playing recently and I’m not quite as good as I use to be but I’m sure that will come back in time.

Are you still in contact with any of your former 3D teammates? If so, what kinds of things do you guys talk about these days and do you still play any games together?

I’m still in contact with Andy, Kyle and Mikey. I talk to them just about everyday. We talk about everything from news to games, but recently the hot topic with Kyle and I has been Marisa Miller. Let me tell you all what started it. I know the Victoria Secret fashion show was a while ago and I did watch it on tv, but I never realized how “amazing” Marisa Miller looked in it.

fast forward to 2:10 or just watch the whole vid. The song is also “amazing”. Anyways when we aren’t talking about hot girls, we are either playing DOTA or NBA 2K9. We always have some pretty intense NBA games, but since 2K9 came out, I’ve always wanted to take advantage of the 5v5 online play. Unfortunately though, we don’t have enough players. So if anyone out there has 4 friends that want to play against Kyle, Mikey, Andy and I + someone else who will be unnamed, don’t hesistate to contact me! My Xbox Live Gamertag is imjimmylin

What is your honest view of the current state of Professional Gaming and where do you think it’s headed in the future?

Well a lot of people have been saying that 1.6 is back! The game is back to the state it was way back in say 2003, but the truth is it isn’t. When I scrim with teams we have the hardest time finding teams to play against. I remember I could type 5v5 in a channel before and within seconds have atleast 4 teams that wanted to play. Lately when I advertise for a scrim it takes about 20 minutes to find one. Maybe it will take a few months for 1.6 to get back in full swing but currently it’s no where near what it was before. As for the future I have no idea. Theres 2 things that could happen, it could get back to what it was like before, or it can be a complete failure. You decide.

What did you think of the last Complexity roster’s move to EG, since that was clearly one of the more talked about things to take place in the North American CS Scene recently?

Honestly from what I read, as a team you do what you have to do to compete. I understand that much from the teams perspective. From Jason Lake’s perspective I read that the team said that they would stay with Complexity until the New Year for Jason to figure something out financially. The fact that they said they would and didn’t isn’t respectful at all. Jason Lake pretty much gave his life for that team, the least they could have done was wait a month for something to happen and if not, I’m sure the EG deal was still going to be there. What’s done is done though, the way I see it is Jason built a team before that could compete internationally I don’t see why this current lineup can’t. Best of luck.

Have any teams attempted to get in contact with you about joining up since you’ve left Team3D?

Well since my departure from 3D I really didn’t come onto IRC or anything for a good 8 months. The only people that could contact me were the ones that were in contact with me before, which to be honest isn’t a lot of people. So not many teams did contact me. Since I have been playing 1.6 again I have had a few offers from different teams but I haven’t decided what’s going to happen so I guess I’ll wait and see to find out!

Any major upcoming videogames that you’re looking forward to?

There is one. Street Fighter 4. I’ve watched pretty much every youtube video and I also ordered the SF4 Tournament Fight Stick that is sold out everywhere now. I can’t wait to get it. Daigo watch out!

Have you ever had the desire to compete in another game professionally aside from Counter-Strike? If not, then if there was any game out there now or on the horizon that would you consider most capable of getting you to do such a thing, what game would that be and why?

Not really to be honest, I only really played Counter-Strike. Recently I’ve been playing DOTA but it’s just for fun. There are people that are way too good at that game that I wouldn’t even dream of going pro in that. As far as Street Fighter 4 goes, I’ve never played a fighting game competitively at all but they are always fun. Daigo’s win in the Evolution 2004 tournament was amazing. Everytime I watch that video I get goosebumps and that alone is enough reason to want to play SF4 competitively.

Have you been watching or paying attention to any CS 1.6 matches at all?

I have watched a few matches here and there, definately not many though. When and if I start playing I will watch matches for sure.

Alright here comes the bonus question!  If you were going to bet money on a Ksharp vs Method NBA 2K9 showdown over Xbox Live, who would you put your money on?  For the one that you wouldn’t put your money on, what’s wrong with their game and what can they do to take their game to the next level? Does one hog the ball too much with their star player? Come on Jimmy, give us the goods.

As much as I love Mikey, the win goes to Kyle hands down. Kyle is a bad player, but Mikey is worse. One time we were playing a 2v2, Kyle and Andy vs Mikey and I, and of course, Mikey wanted to play the Lakers but not to play as Kobe but to play as Bynum. When you enter a NBA 2K9 game you can choose to either play all the players or lock on someone, Mikey immediately locked on Bynum and I had to convince him to just play everyone. I knew we had lost as soon as he locked on Bynum. A few weeks ago ,I believe, Kyle was bragging about a 50 point win over Mikey, which to me makes absolutely no sense because normally when we play the final scores are normally around 60 points. So either Mikey scored 10 points all game or Kyle scored 110. I just don’t know. Mikey always says we are “cheesy” when we play which means we use the star player on each team to score all the points which is not the case at all. The only person who does that is Kyle.

Video Created by Andy Rector

For Mikey to take his game to the next level he needs an intense bootcamp with possibly Andy or I to learn a few things.Though that would probably involve him no longer playing Counter-Strike and be a full time NBA 2K player.