Interview with Killer

BY Andrew Miesner / February 20, 2012

Interview with coL.Killer

by Alex “Yuenanimous” Yue

First off, allow me to welcome you to the compLexity family. How did you first hear about compLexity and why did you choose to sign with us over another team? Were you specifically looking to join a foreign team?

I’m honored to join compLexity. compLexity has always been a renowned team, therefore I’ve known of them for a long time. I believe that my style as a gamer will fit the best with compLexity, which is why I decided to join them. I’ve pondered a lot on whether to join a Korean team or a foreign team, because both have their own benefits. In the end, I decided that compLexity will be the perfect team for me.

You are a veteran of the progaming scene with a strong history in Brood War. For your fans who may not have followed Brood War, could you please provide a short history of your career? What were your biggest accomplishments? Do you feel that your Brood War experience gave you an edge over other players when you switched to StarCraft II?

I’ve played Brood War professionally for about 5 years. I’ve always been on the starting line-up and have great experience with live broadcasting. However, I believe I could have done better. In order to achieve my dream, I’ve decided to move on to StarCraft 2. My experiences from Brood War have helped me a lot in playing StarCraft 2, so the switch from Brood War to StarCraft 2 was a smooth process for me. A lot of times, I incorporate Brood War styles into StarCraft 2.

On a related note, the GSL commentator Artosis is fond of pointing out that you guys are good friends from back in the Brood War days (and were even roommates at one point). Are there any funny stories that you could share about everyone’s favorite commentator?

I first met Artosis at eSTRO in Brood War. Back then, I was not very familiar with foreigners and was a bit shy and fearful of him. However, I was able to start talking to him easily due to his friendly personality. After that, we’ve hung out often and had fun times together. ^^ The funniest moment was when I taught him Korean curse words as a joke and he managed to repeat it perfectly. It was hilarious. ^^ Of course it was just a joke.

One of the benefits of joining a team like compLexity is having the freedom to travel to tournaments that you may not otherwise get a chance to go to. Do you have any plans to attend foreign tournaments? I know that myself, as well as tons of other StarCraft II fans would love a chance to meet you at an MLG or IPL.

I would like to go to all the foreign events if possible, even if my body’s not capable. This is because I would like to be able to communicate with my fans through my games. I’m always honored to be able to play in front of the wonderful fans who spend their precious time cheering for me. Therefore, I feel it is my duty to go to as many events as possible and show off some great games. Also I am confident that I will win too :D.

Speaking of foreign tournaments, you’re no stranger to travel, playing in both the IEM Global Challenge Cologne and IEM New York. Out of all the places you’ve been able to visit what has been your favorite? Are there any specific cities or countries you would want to go to?

IEM is always fun and pleasant and they really take good care of the Korean players. I also remember IEM as a tournament that is always on time. It would be nice if I can go to Las Vegas. Country wise, I would love to be able to visit Spain!

You recently played in the round of 32 in Code A versus the Chinese Zerg player XiGua. It was quite the series especially considering that crazy base trade at the end of game three. How were you able to stay calm during such a stressful match? What was going through your head when you saw XiGua press the attack forcing the base trade? Were you at all tempted to try and retreat to save your buildings or did you know that it was “all or nothing” at that moment?

As I said before, I’ve learned a lot in Brood War that continued to help me in StarCraft 2. One of the biggest lessons I learned from Brood War is the base trade. I’ve faced base trade scenarios for several years now and I know what I need to do to win. Therefore, I was never hesitant during that game. I knew what I had to do and my calculation was proven to be correct.

Your next game in Code A is on Wednesday (2/22) versus the Protoss player SlayerS_Brown. How do you think you’ll do? Are you with his PvP? Are you planning anything special for the match? How strong is your PvP right now? If you win, can we expect a special ceremony for all your new compLexity fans and family?

I never practice less because the opponent is different. I always practice 100% no matter how bad or good the opponent is. I always play with victory in my mind. I always have confidence in winning before the match and I believe that should be the mindset of any true progamer! I believe that my victory in itself will be a ceremony for the fans and my teammates.

On a related topic, how do you prefer to train? A lot of progamers swear by custom games with teammates, while others (like your new teammate NaDa) prefer to ladder. Which method do you prefer and why?

My practice schedule is actually private, but it’s nothing extraordinary or different. I just don’t want to leak any weaknesses that I may have. This is another example of having the mindset of a progamer. I hope my fans will understand.

What are your current plans in terms of living situation? I believe there’s an opportunity for compLexity players to live and train at the MVP house. Do you have any plans to move in and train with the MVP players? On a related note, compLexity player Drewbie was in Korea a few months ago. Did you have a chance to meet him or any of your other new teammates?

I haven’t made any final decisions yet. I am still thinking about which method will help me improve the most. Even if I move somewhere, I will continue to work hard. Unfortunately, I have not been able to meet my teammates yet. I would like to meet them soon and get to know them. ^^

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, Killer. Before we wrap this up, do you have any words for your new teammates? How about any for your fans? Also, good luck in the round of 16! All of us at compLexity will be cheering you on!

I just wanted to thank compLexity for choosing me and I will prove to them that it was the right choice. Also to all the compLexity fans, I am now part of the compLexity family so please continue to support me and cheer for me. Also I just wanted to thank all the foreign fans who have always cheered for me. Thank you so much! I’d also like to thank the compLexity sponsors that make this possible: Creative, Sound Blaster, OriginPC and QPAD!

*Images courtesy of TeamLiquid