Introducing coLassic Content

BY Andrew Miesner / September 8, 2015

Hey Everyone,

We want to take a minute to talk about history here at compLexity Gaming. With the recent announcement of our return to CS:GO, we also thought it was a good time to go back and look at all the content we’ve produced throughout the last decade. We’re not just talking about all the stuff you can find on our Youtube channel either. We have a ton of stuff in the coL Vault that has never seen the light of day and a lot of really good content that may have never gotten the attention it deserves. So, as of today, we’d like to welcome everyone to check out the compLexity Twitch channel.

Today begins a test. We want to hear your feedback about the content we are running for the next 3 straight days. After that, we’re going to evaluate whether we are ready to unlock the whole vault, a 24/7/365 stream of matches from the days of old! We have matches stretching as far back as CS 1.6, Day of Defeat and Team Fortress 2 and we hope to be able to bring all this out for you. We would also like to make improvements on the quality of the stream as well.

There is another aspect to this project, though. A long time ago, before the days of Twitter and Facebook, we had IRC. This was a place where our fans could just hang out, chat, and chill. We’d like to bring that back with this new stream with a place for our fans to just hang out. Players, staffers and managers will be in and out of the Twitch channel on a regular basis and with this old video content, we hope our channel is a place everyone is happy to just chill. So please, sit back, grab a beverage and come chill with coL!

For those of you who have been with us since the days of “bring me the pistols,” we hope you enjoy reliving all of our highlights with us. For those of you just getting onto the crazy coL train, we hope you enjoy seeing how it all started!

Thank you for your support,
The compLexity Gaming Family