Introducing compLexity Academy League of Legends

BY Andrew Miesner / May 10, 2013

Today The compLexity Academy is proud to announce its new League of Legends team. Formally known as Armata Gaming, the new CA.LoL squad is comprised of Guillaume “Sarasun” Hivert, Oli”Veelox” Aubry-Béland, Simon “Zhanos” Leblanc, Mark “Dragonrouge” Jreige, and Dominic “Doomtrobo” Gilbert-Julien.

As Armata Gaming, the team has had quite a bit of success in the North American LoL scene. They have brought home first place finishes at LAN ETS (the biggest lan in Eastern North America), as well as at the Bell FiberOP Spring Cup. These are some major accomplishments, especially considering that the team has only been playing together since January. With this much talent and promise, it’s easy to see a bright future for the new CA.LoL squad.

In an effort to help our fans get to know the new squad a little better, we asked each of them to provide a short introduction. Keep an eye out for more in depth interviews as we focus our next “Getting to know The Academy” posts on the new CA.LoL squad.

Guillaume “Sarasun” Hivert: Hi, I’m Sarasun, the support player for compLexity Academy. I’m currently studying Physics at the university and enjoy playing games in my off-times like League of Legends, Diablo 3 and Osu.

Oli “Veelox” Aubry-Béland: Hi, I’m Veelox and I’m the ap carry for compLexity Academy. I’m currently studying Computer Science. When I’m not in school I spend my time playing video game, swimming and watching TV Shows.

Simon “Zhanos” Leblanc: Hi, I’m Zhanos and I’m the substitute player for compLexity Academy. I’m currently employed as a QA and Marketing Analyst. I spend most of my free time playing video games, but I also dabble in Mixology, tennis, Volleyball and do music editing. My favorite video game is Ogre Battle 64.

Mark “Dragonrouge” Jreige: Hi I’m Dragonrouge, I play top lane for compLexity Academy. I’m currently an Astronomy Physics and Engineering student. When I’m not studying I spend most of my time playing League of Legends, working on improving my skills. I’m also a musician (classical guitar) and I’m a fan of 60’s, 70’s, rock, psych music.

Dominic “Doomtrobo” Gilbert-Julien: Hello I’m Trobo, Doomtrobo, jungler for compLexity Academy. I’m a currently a carpenter, done trucking for a years, currently taking life easy until further notice. I like womens, League of Legends, foods, sleeping and music (mostly Dream Theater) in no particular order (spending most time on LoL though).

Be sure to welcome coL.CA League of Legends here!