Irukandji talks to SK

BY Andrew Miesner / February 28, 2010

Andrew ‘Irukandji’ Timmerman, captain of our Counter-Strike team sat down with SK-Gaming to talk about the IEM Finals. In the interview Irukandji talks about the new coL.cs roster, coL vs EG rivalry and much more.

Here is a short snippet of the interview:


Having played against impulsive for years as a rival and now seeing him in practice what have you learned about him as a player?

He’s one of those players that I think will fill a niche that we’ve been lacking sometime – that is, a player that can not only frag, but will also help keep up our morale and energy midmatch. On top of that, even though I had seen him at a bunch of LANs, I never really knew the guy so it was a nice to find out at practice that he likes to goof around like the rest of us (but still know when to buckle down and work hard, too).

I’d say Derrick is a really versatile player in that he’s really strong with both rifles and AWP. Obviously losing Hero has put us in a position where we needed an AWPer and so far in practice Impulsive has exceeded expectations in that area. Derrick also has a ton of experience which has given him quite a high CS IQ which will be crucial if we’re to succeed in Germany.

It’s out there in the ether that coL and EG don’t practice together, despite frequently mentioning in interviews lack of quality practice opposition. What can you say about that?

The only time that we haven’t practiced versus EG is when they did not want to practice against us. That was mostly during the summer and we have since played them in scrims (PCWs) regularly. However, we (both teams) choose not to play that much at certain points when there is a domestic LAN coming up as we’d rather keep each other a bit in the dark as we expect to play in the Finals.


The full interview can be found at the SK-Gaming Website