Is a Free Console the Future of Gaming?

BY Andrew Miesner / March 31, 2009

Written by Jordan “analyze” Schultz

Just about a week ago was the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Many topics of gaming are discussed here in a long drawn out meeting, but the one that caught the ear of most is shocking.

Currently in development is a FREE gaming console that could potentially take over gaming for good. All it requires is a low-end computer or a cheap micro console to handle the controller input. Now raises a question that most people were thinking, how will the graphics be?

The graphics will be top of the line, insane graphics all on a low end machine. Rearden plans on sending all the number crunching and stress to their remote server clusters. This would unite the PC gamers and the Console gamers all under one big roof.

Another issue that has been addressed is lag. It was a big concern for Rearden, and they have stated that you will feel little to no delays when gaming. The name of this Console is “OnLive.” It is currently in its testing stage, and if you visit their website you can sign up for the beta testing.

Their goal is to take the discs and programs off of your computer and out of your house and store them somewhere else to create a “Universal Console.” The developers said, “The games will be more like modern television.”

With all this being said, would this put a dent in online gaming? Or would it better it further? I was doing some thinking, and it would wipe out graphic cards, which is a big sum for some major companies. We could see some potential sponsor loss, but also some sponsor gain. I wish the best of luck to OnLive in their testing stage.

Source: Kotaku