Jaeger Interview

BY Andrew Miesner / February 7, 2010

First, thank you Jaeger for sitting down with us. As you know, we have a lot of Team  Fortress 2 fans here in the compLexity community and some fans may not know you well as your team-mates.  Please, tell us about how you got involved in playing TF2 competitively.

I started competitive gaming with Soul Calibur and Tekken. Through tournaments, I met Jason Arney who runs pureEsports.  When TF2 came out, the North American scene for Tekken was essentially dead, so Jason invited me and some friends who also played fighting games to try TF2 at an entry level league. From there, I started at the bottom of the lowest TWL ladder and worked my way up.
As a professional Team Fortress 2 player, what are your past teams and an accomplishment that you will never forget?

My past teams would be:

2 years 1 beta
Apoplexy Industries

For one of my favorite accomplishments, in the finals CEVO-P Season 3, our team took out then-compLexity which had dominated TF2 since the game came out. In the final map I top fragged with a 39:15 kill:death ratio and we took our first championship together.
How does it feel to be part of an organization that is known around the world for winning big tournaments? How does that change you as a person knowing that you have to meet those expectations?  

I love being a part of compLexity. Knowing I have a top caliber organization behind me relieves a lot stress and lets me focus on improving and winning. The expectation of winning that comes with being part of compLexity is the same one that we’ve carried as a team since we formed. We expect to win everything, every time.

Your most recent accomplishment was winning the Alienware Arena Tournament. Did you expect the tournament/finals match to be a challenge or a walk in the park? How does it feel to pick up another victory for compLexity?  

We’ve never lost a championship match, so yes I expected to win. The level of competition in TF2 is very high right now and I expect a challenge for any finals. I’m happy to pick up the victory and join the long line of compLexity champions.

On your spare time what do you do for fun besides back-stab noobs in TF2? Is there a different gaming platform that you play on from time to time?

I mess around in Quake Live because it is really quick to get in and out of. I still play a bit of Tekken 6 on PS3 in the hopes that one day I’ll be able to play mishimas like Jang Ik Su.

What do you hope to see in TF2 in upcoming updates?

The game is in a good state right now. If anything, they just need to fix the minor bugs like gunboats and custom hit sounds.

Cake or pie?

Apple pie obviously.

Any shoutouts?

I’d love to thank the coL fans for supporting us and our sponsors Creative, XFX, Puretrak and G8!