Jake Interviewed by FD

BY Andrew Miesner / January 1, 2009

coL owner/founder, Jason “1” Lake has recently been interviewed by Frag Dominant, an up and coming identity in eSports, known for their teams, news, and surplus of quality sponsors. The interview breaks down the life of Jason Lake, how he got into gaming, what it’s like to be in the CGS, and even dives into his personal hobbies and interests. The interview is a must read for all coL fans. An excerpt can be found below:

I have heard so many wonderful things about the Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) movement you started earlier this year. Can you give me a quick overview of the (RAK) movement?

Basically, the RAK movement is our way of giving back small bits to the gaming community and to the world we live in.  I strongly believe that public figures should be role models when it comes to charity and volunteer work, so we decided to use whatever “e-celebrity” we have to promote such things.  The entire team volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House this last summer and it was truly one of the best days of the entire season.

How excited were you when the CGS had chosen you as a General Manager, and were able to keep and transform the teams name to CompLexity LA?

I was happy to continue on as the GM of compLexity, and was very happy to have Los Angeles as our home city.  In fact, it was part of the deal.   If coL was going to be tied to a city, I wanted it to be L.A. because my wife really wanted to live there (she’s from L.A.).

One of my main questions I have for you Jason is what gets you going? I see you behind your players supporting them with that fire in your eyes, in what types of situations get you deep into the game?

I come from a long line of family members who are big sports fans.  My game of choice has always been American football.  Obviously, in football you need to run high on adrenaline rushes to succeed or you’ll just get run over.  To me, CS is very similar.  Play with passion and heart or get off the big stage.

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