Jason Bass Featured in “E-Motions”

BY Andrew Miesner / May 28, 2009

Recently Jason “Anomoly” Bass was interviewed for an article over at fnatic.com titled “E-Motions”. The piece talks about emotions in E-Sports and features names like djWHEAT and Sky among the rest. Here is a little introduction of the piece:

Emotions play an integral part in E-Sports, from how people make decisions in game, to how people decide what team they want to play for or what organization they want to work with. Little do people realize that E-Sports is very much a business, and that to make the most logical decisions you need to think analytically not emotionally. However that doesn’t generally happen in E-Sports, at least not yet.

Here is a snippet from Jason’s interview:

When you look at up and coming players do you ever look at how they control themselves after making a mistake or losing a match?
This is critical for a top level player. If they can’t get over a mistake then they are doomed mentally the rest of the match. If they get overly angry at something then their mental game is typically shot. Gaming is all about control. You have to control the mouse, keyboard, DPad and most importantly yourself. Calm and cool is the best way to success. This does not mean a player can not get excited and cheer. Positive emotions can be a good thing, it is the negative ones that are the real issue.

From a management perspective do you ever take on a lot of the players emotional hardships onto your shoulders to help them?
I personally don’t. I know Alex is a friend to the players and therefore I am sure he tries to help them with any issues they may be having. I am not cold hearted and would gladly help out if they ever needed be but business is generally business for me.

You can read the rest of the interview in the full piece here!