Jason Bass Interviewed by Fnatic

BY Andrew Miesner / August 26, 2009

Recentely, Jason Bass, the Chief Operating Officer at compLexity was interviewed by Fnatic. The interview discusses Bass’s views on the current gaming scene, as well as compLexity’s current status as one of North America’s, and possibly one of the world’s, best teams. Below is an excerpt:

From a team standpoint, what do you feel is missing in terms of E-Sports media in this era of E-Sports?
I come from the media myself. When I ran GotFrag we strove to cover the news in a manner that was as unbiased as possible. I am not saying they don’t do that today but due to the fact that almost everywhere we go for our news today is owned by someone with their own agenda it is hard to say that anyone is truly unbiased anymore. I think we need a site that is dedicated to covering this industry because they are passionate about it and have no one above them pulling their strings or the appearance of someone above them pulling their strings. Regardless of whether or not MLG is pulling GotFrag’s strings the appearance of it puts them at a disadvantage right out of the gate.

If you could give advice to a kid wanting to be a professional gamer what would it be?
At this point in time, I would suggest to stay in school and make this a very active hobby. There is just not a lot of long term stability in this right now. Luckily, the current environment is very flexible and you can be a professional gamer while attending school. To get to the highest levels you have to practice really hard and befriend someone or some people that compete at that level and learn from them. Watch videos and demos wherever possible. There is so much more to these games than just good hand/eye coordination. You need to learn the strategies behind why top players do what they do.

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