JBass Checks In #2

BY Andrew Miesner / May 14, 2010

Today was a gut wrenching day.  Even though the record does not reflect it, our team played incredibly well.  The first match against Mouz set the whole stage for the day.  We won both pistols and 2 eco rounds and just due to some minor issues we were not able to close the match out and win.  The guys were so hyped during the Mouz match and that dejecting lost really demoralized them for the H2K match.  H2K played very aggressive as CT and we did not adapt very well to that and it put us in a big hole for the second half of the match.  After the H2K match, the team got together and really came on strong for the match against Ping.  Due to similar issues that I saw in the Mouz match we again were not able to close the deal but we tied them instead. 

At the end of the day, we played some of the world’s best with a brand new team and held our own.  We now come into a week of bootcamp against the best in the world that will allow us to make the chemistry and tactical adjustments necessary to come into next weekend’s tournament a different team.  My prediction for the Complexity fans of the world that after this week this team will be a monstrous competitor with the ability to take down most any team in the world.  That is all this tournament wrote for me and I will be heading back to the states tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned to the site for more videos, photos and some player blogs later today.