JoinDOTA’s Team Analysis on compLexity.DOTA2

BY Andrew Miesner / August 20, 2012

JoinDOTA’s Team Analysis on compLexity.DOTA2

compLexity.DOTA2 has been featured as a part of a series produced by Roegnvaldr of joinDOTA. The article itself gives a run through of compLexity’s history with DotA, having entered the scene relatively early in comparison to the other major organizations. There is also a detailed history of the team, going through their journey together and how they formed. The players and their individual stories are also featured.

Here is a small excerpt from the article:

Chances at The International:

Very high. They have frequently shown us their capabilities and their individual skills are frequently outshined by their team fight capabilities. compLexity Gaming offers a tough choice for their opponents when drafting – You can either let coL get the heroes that they are comfortable with and ensure a very hard to win match, or try to deny their favourite heroes in order to open more dangerous choices to them.

A prominent force between the other teams, coL seems to be less recognized than they should. They will most likely be one of the top teams of The International 2.

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