JP’s SC2 Reports: MLG DC Preview

BY Andrew Miesner / October 13, 2010

MLG DC Preview

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by JP “moogle” McDaniel

Major League Gaming will host its second Starcraft 2 event this weekend in Washington D.C. where the best players in North America and fan favorites like White-Ra, Ret, and IdrA will be in attendance for the 64-man tournament. Myself and Sean ‘Day[9]’ Plott will be casting the event with some special guests possibly joining us on the stream. Who should you pay close attention to? I’ve got some players you should watch.

Greg ‘EG.IdrA’ Fields
You don’t really have to follow SC2 that closely to know who Fields is. As one of the few foreigners living in South Korea at the moment solely for SC2, IdrA will be the most skilled player at the event bar none. The other side of that coin is he plays Zerg and will be among competitors he has never played against in a tournament setting. Talking with him earlier this morning, he is worried that the unpredictable styles of Americans at the event might give him some trouble. Regardless, he still hopes to return to South Korea with a tournament under his belt.

Kyung ‘Dignitas.SeleCT’ Hyun Ryoo
A singer of Korean opera, Ryoo comes into this tournament with a fan base and the Terran race, but thats not to discredit him — he is a very strong SC2 player. Winning both the European and American Open, this should be a huge test of his skill.

Chris ‘LiquidHuK’ Loranger
Loranger ended up winning MLG Raleigh after a poor showing at IEM Cologne. Last weekend we saw him take third at IEM New York. How is he going to do this weekend? No one is really picking him to win the entire event right now, but Loranger shut everyone up at Raleigh and just might do it again in D.C.

Алксей ‘White-Ra’ Крупник
White-Ra was once one of the best foreigners and still is one of the most loved in the scene. Most recently, though, he took a major blow to his competitive career when he was married. In the past, his methods of training consisted of mass-gaming. With his wife reported to be limiting his play-time to three hours a day, he might not be in tip-top shape.

Jos ‘LiquidRet’ De Kroon
De Kroon is another questionable player at the event. He was once one of the best foreigner Zergs in SC1 but not too many people know how much time he has put into the game after joining TeamLiquid earlier this month. If he has practiced though, he has the potential to be a stand-out Zerg user at a time when not too many exist.

For a full list of competitors you can check out the MLGPro site.

Make sure to tune in this weekend as the stream will be going live at 5:00PM EDT at and and we’ll be back next week for the biggest event of the year, BlizzCon.