KBS Players Join CyberRev

BY Andrew Miesner / January 31, 2009

After just coming off of a CEVO-Professional championship, Cyber Revolution has announced that it will be undergoing necessary roster changes for the 2009 season. Two of the old players, Samuel “CHewbacca” Tesh and Sam “DaZeD” Marine, will be staying in the line-up, while the rest of the spots are filled with KEYBOARDSMASHERS’ players. Owner and Manager of CyberRev Gordon “NearCry” Daigneault, had this to say about the changes.

We were forced to change the roster for the new season. Some of our guys from last season will not be joining us. Three starters are either leaving the game or taking a break. DaZed and Chewy are dedicated to the game and wanted to form a new team that would still be able to compete at the highest level.

The 2009 CyberRev line-up is as follows:

Samuel “CHewbacca” Tesh
Sam “DaZeD” Marine
Paul “Torr” Mueller
Micah “Monkey” Battson
Andrew “Glockateer” Cook
Damian “DamiaN” Kozanecki

The team will be participating in CAL-Invite, CEVO-P, and the new ESEA league, as well as various LAN events.

Source: GotFrag