Killer Finishes Top 8; Killer at IEM Season VI – World Championship

BY Andrew Miesner / March 6, 2012

Tomorrow one of compLexity’s newest members, Killer, will be participating in the IEM Season VI World Championship in Hanover, Germany. A veteran of two IEM events, Cologne and New York, Killer is currently ranked 25th in the tournament series. While the top 24 players were invited to the World Championship, the American Protoss player Gatored (rank 23) is not able to attend, so Killer is the next in line.

Placed into Group C, Killer will have to face off against:

  • PuMa
  • SeleCT
  • MaNa
  • Zenio

Without a doubt this is a hard group but Killer is up to the task, especially considering he’s playing for a chunk of the $83,000  prize pool ($ 35,000 for first place).

The format of the tournament sees the players sorted into four groups of six. There the players will face off in a standard Round Robin Best-of-3 series. Both second and third place in each group will advance to the round of 16, while the winner gets a bye and is placed into the next round of the bracket. With $83,000 in prize money on the line ($ 35,000 for first place)

To watch the action, check out the stream here or view it via the embed below.


Brackets: Liquipedia


2-3 vs. Feast – Quarterfinals – Eliminated
3-0 vs. HasuObs – Round of 16


2-1 vs. Zenio
1-2 vs. PuMa
2-1 vs. SeleCT
2-0 vs. DIMAGA
2-1 vs. MaNa