KODE5 Major Announcements

BY Andrew Miesner / April 12, 2010

In association with Integrex, today KODE 5 announced that the 2010 Global Final will be held in Miraflores, Peru from December 3rd – 5th, 2010 at the famed Compupalace Tech Center. In addition, KODE 5 is happy to announce that BitFenix, a premium gaming hardware maker will be KODE 5’s Global Supporter at the event. BitFenix are veterans in both the hardware and gaming industries. BitFenix designs hardware and peripherals, giving its users the cutting edge they need in competition. As a KODE5 Global Supporter, BitFenix will be attending the KODE5 event, connecting directly with gamers and showing how BitFenix products can enhance their gaming experience.

KODE5 2010 Global Final

DATES: December 3rd ~ 5th, 2010
VENUE: Compupalace Tech Center
LOCATION: Miraflores, Peru
GAMES: Counter-Strike 1.6

The KODE5 2010 Global Final is slated to take place from December 3rd to 5th, 2010. The Compupalace Tech Center in Miraflores is the key location for PCs and components. Boasting a large number of stores offering the latest technologies, it offers an excellent infrastructure for important events and is located in the center of the most representative districts in the country, making it an ideal venue for the KODE5 2010 Global Final.

KODE5 is one of the most important gaming events, and we are honored to be chosen to host the 2010 KODE5 Global Final,” says Manuel Enrique Amau Cabrera, Integrex Executive Director & CEO. “Last year’s KODE5 Latin American Final was a complete success, and we are committed to continuing this tradition of excellence. We look forward to welcoming the world’s best gamers to Peru!

Integrex SAC, support partner for last season’s Latin American Draft, impressed all of us at last year’s event, and we are thrilled to be working with them to bring KODE5’s grand finale to South America,” said Lester Lau, KODE5 Revolutionary-in-Command. “Along with the generous support from our new Global Supporter BitFenix, the KODE5 2010 Global Final is shaping up to be the must-see e-sports event of the year.


About KODE5:

KODE5 masses gamers in 16 countries in a series of regional events to find the best gamers from around the world. The best then fly to an undisclosed location to square off against the world’s gaming elite. With television crews from around the world broadcasting, international media in attendance, and mass crowds rioting for their favorites, the KODE5 Global Final will bring gaming to the center stage like no other gaming event. KODE5 will take competitive gaming to another level and gain the respect that gaming deserves. To join the revolution, go to the KODE5 website at www.kode5.com.


About BitFenix:

BitFenix is the result of the collaboration of several veterans in both the technology and gaming industries. From the same minds behind some of technology’s most venerable products, BitFenix creates hardware and peripherals that grant the user the utmost control, strength, and performance to complete their computing tasks. Combining a deep understanding of gaming and other high-demand computing applications with superior engineering and design know-how, the BitFenix Team is dedicated to creating the go-to computing products and peripherals for those who refuse to quit. For more information, check out www.bitfenix.com.

For more information on BitFenix, check out www.bitfenix.com

In the future, KODE 5 will release more information on their site about the exciting event.

For more information on the KODE 5 2010 Global Final, visit www.kode5.com