KODE5 Melbourne Qualifier #2

BY Andrew Miesner / February 20, 2009

After what has been dubbed the “letdown of qualifiers” KODE5 Melbourne will move on to its 2nd qualifier.  As some of you may know, the first qualifier had a total of 10 teams with 8 BYE’s and 6 forfiets, which were some of the disappointing factors. But spirits are high, and its a brand new day for the players that have packed the scene at Zone AdrenaLAN. The event kicks off on the 21st and lasts till the 22nd of February with 15 teams in total. The list of team’s includes: GUTS, VHM and Hostile who also competed in the first tournament and appear to be the ones looked at for being granted entry into the nationals division.

The following is the list of teams competing at the qualifier:

Never in Doubt

GotGames was able to have a small interview with some of the players in attendance.

Here is a snippet from the Hostile|Sakura interview:

How did you feel you and your team performed at the 1st Qualifier?Personally, I feel my individual performance on day 1 was shocking, had trouble adjusting. Day 2 was a lot better, a big improvement. As I team I think we faired quite well and exceeded our expecations greatly. The win over VHM really boosted our confidence, although the map was Tuscan.

Where do you think you will place at this qualifier?
Honestly, I think we’ll place 5th, but if everything goes to plan and we’re on our game, may possibly be a 2-4 finish. GUTS/VHM/TF8/KING are definately going to be the toughest opponents.

You can find the full interview of the players: HERE

Source: GotGames