KODE5 to Continue Partnership with HLTV.org

BY Andrew Miesner / April 8, 2009

With recent developments in the gaming community, KODE5 has announced to continue a partnership with HLTV.org, to provide the spectators with the coverage they feel they deserve: HLTV proxies to watch their favorite matches.

We thought it necessary to come out and reassure the gaming community that KODE5 will continue work with HLTV.org to bring quality esports event coverage in a format that gamers are already familiar with and enjoy. Of course, we will also continue to bring esports fans coverage via live blogging and videostreaming where it is feasible to ensure that gamers around the world will be able to catch KODE5 action in the format of their choice. – Thomas Kuhlenbach, KODE5 Revolutionary-at-Arms

HLTV.org is happy that KODE5 has chosen to reaffirm their commitment to working with us in providing HLTV coverage of the KODE5 Global Finals. We firmly believe that there is plenty of room for both videostreaming and HLTV, and that they serve two different purposes. We see no reason why artificial limits should be imposed; instead we firmly believe spectators should have the possibility to choose whatever they like best. – Per Lambæk, HLTV.org CTO

With the recent announcement of ESL banning HLTVs from offline events, this is great news for those who enjoy spectating from inside the game.