KPL, NEL and Deck Wars for coL.HS

BY Andrew Miesner / March 3, 2015

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

Usually the Hearthstone scene is visiting the Inn for fierce competition on the virtual tables of Blizzard’s hit game on the weekends. For those days, tournaments are stacking up and the best of the best are competing for the major titles. As the scene develops more and more tournaments are also claiming the spots in between, making this week an action packed one for compLexity Gaming’s Hearthstone division as well. Two players will be in action in three different competitions around the world.

Most anticipated is the debut week of the Kinguin Pro League, one of the first leagues to bring top-notch weekly competition as we know it from real sports like the Premier League. With two groups, a total of 20 players and ten weeks of fierce competition, the avid Hearthstone fan has plenty to look forward to. Taking part in those festivities are compLexity’s own SjoW and Dog, who will fight in two separate groups for a berth in the playoffs. Only six players in total, three from each group, can make it into the postseason, a goal both players will work towards.

Starting his campaign tonight is Swedish streaming icon SjoW, coming off an average performance in the Kinguin Pro League over the weekend. After sweeping the World Champion Firebat, SjoW had to suffer defeat at the hands of Nihilum’s own Lothar, eliminating him out of the competition in the quarterfinals. Now it’s time for redemption, as SjoW tries to start off with a big win in the Kinguin Pro League season. His first opponent is none other than fnatic’s Swedish star Frezzar. The battle of the Swedes will end the first day of the KPL broadcast, that starts off at 6 PM CET / 12 PM EST on with Noxious and Lothar casting the action.

Later this week will also see Dog entering the KPL competition from China, making his debut against fan favorite and Archon captain Amaz. The battle of the foundation players of their respective organizations might be the absolute highlight in a star-studded tournament with Brian Kibler, Firebat, Lifecoach, Savjz, Kolento and StrifeCro competing. Dog has his game scheduled for Thursday at 7 PM CET / 1 PM EST once more on

That is not all that compLexity players have in store for their fans, as Deck Wars and the NEL competition in China are continuing as well. The Wednesday in between the Kinguin Pro League game days will be a pleasure for every compLexity Gaming fan as Dog and the TempoStorm team will take on Kapai-Cabbages in their second outing in NEL. After the clean sweep against Big3, TS-coL will attempt to recreate that success and solidify their claim as one of the teams to take home the NEL trophy. Kapai-Cabbages on the other hand is already qualified for the playoffs in the tournament, being undefeated up to this point. Only TempoStorm can throw a wrench in their  4-0 plans, a mission of which Dog is a part of. Catch the action on Reynad’s personal stream – at 1 PM CET / 7 AM EST.

Following that, SjoW is gonna be competing once more in the third season of Deck Wars. The Swedish player was invited back to the program to showcase his skill. Memory of the Deck Wars event will be delightful for SjoW, since it is the tournament he has seen the most success in so far. Last season the end of the road was the Semifinals, ending the season with a 3rd/4th place finish. Now redemption time is coming around the corner for him, taking on his first challenger in Lifecoach. Ironically it will be a blast from the past once more, as both players squared off in the first round of the season 2 finals as well. Back then it was SjoW taking home the series with a 3-0 sweep of his Warlock, obliterating Lifecoach’s Rogue, Shaman and Druid. Can he repeat? That answer will be given on on Wednesday, 6 PM CET / 12 PM EST – followed by a potential appearance on Table Top and Turn 2 right after the games.