KreeganBG in Midweek Cup Finals

BY Andrew Miesner / January 1, 2009

This Thursday, Felipe “KreeganBG” Stoyne will be taking on 3 the worlds top FIFA 09 players in the FIFA 09 Cup hosted by Kreegan has qualified for this event by winning his qualifier cup (Qualifier Cup #2). Along with Kreegan, fellow CGS players ChrisyB and Bazza have qualified, as well as Totuks from Onlainas Gaming. Below is the official release from the SGL.

With the four finalists now found we are into the grand final where we will find out who will take the £100 cash prize, the four finalists consist of ChrissyB, KreeganBG, Totuks, and Bazza. After 4 highly competitive tournaments who will win the final no one knows but by the end of Thursday 20th November we will find out who is the true champion of the Midweek cup. The final will consist of a single knockout tournament but this will consist of a Best of Three format. so this will more test of nerve and qualifty than the previous tournaments because u have to beat your oppenent at least twice. This tournament will consist of no signup period as the heats where the signup format for this final. Also all games will have to have a replay saved and made available to the Admin at the end of the games. This tournament will kick off at 20.00 UK Time on Thursday 20th November, and socres will be enter on aggregate and no on how many games you won for example if you win 2 games 2-0 it will be 4-0 not 2-0. So I look forward to you joining us in the #thesgl.fifa channel where im sure there will be a FIFAbot to read the highlights of the game Good Luck to all players and may the best player win. Click here to see how KreeganBG got to this point

SGL Midweek Cup Finals
Time: Thursday, November 20th at 3:00PM EST
Bracket: Click here