Kuben Returns To MYM.cs

BY Andrew Miesner / February 2, 2009

The MeetYourMakers roster has been nothing short of a flip-flop bounce-back McCrazy with cheese as of late. Jakub “kuben” Gurczynski has been brought back in light of a “uncomfortable” roster, after he was replaced by current MYM player: Lukasz “LUq” Wnek. The decision came about to bring LUq back because he was a better fit at the time for the team but now with Kuben making a return the current roster is now with the same players as it was when they had a extremely rewarding ESWC appearance. Kuben will be replacing Pionas, no reason of Pionas’s departure was disclosed.

Filip “Neo” Kubski had this to say on Kuben’s returning:

Kuben had been part of our team for over 2 years, and it just felt like we were missing something. Kuben had always been a great help with tactical stuff and movements during the game. He was on a similar level as kuben, but the team missed that important part kuben used to bring. Unfortunately, it was right before DreamHack, so we did not have much time to make a decision. We made it too fast, and as we can see now, we did wrong. We are very sorry for the mess we made.

The following is the current MYM roster:

Filip “NEo” Kubski
Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas
Lukas “LUq” Wnek
Mariusz “loord” Cybulski
Jakub “Kuben” Gurczyński

Source: SK-Gaming.com