Last Call for BlizzCon

BY Andrew Miesner / September 5, 2015

The highlight of the Hearthstone competitive circuit is finally approaching – the BlizzCon World Championships. Last year it saw a young Firebat rise up from being relatively unknown, to become one of the best known and most successful players in the world. This year, he is set out to defend his title, but players from around the world will try to compete and be crowned the second Hearthstone World Champion in history.

Before the regional qualifiers kick off though, everyone with two or more points gathered throughout the season is eligible to give it one more shot: to answer the Last Call. For compLexity Gaming’s cardslingers that means business. In North America, three of the coL boys will try to make their way into the Top 16 of the bracket. Founding father Dog, Rogue specialist and streaming icon Ryzen, as well as the newest addition to the coL roster in Waffster will try their hardest to advance to the next stage.

In Europe the red and black will also be presented, as German superjj is attempting his run through the stacked qualifier. In North America only 160 people compete for the 16 spots for the next stage, while Europe is filled with more than 340 eager people looking to claim their ticket to the big opportunity that is BlizzCon and the World Championship.

The long journey to California starts today at 1 PM CEST with the European Last Call qualifier until the Top 16 clinch their spot for the Regional Qualifier. For the North American card players the tournament starts at 1 PM EDT / 10 PM PST with NA’s finest going to war in the most popular Inn. Follow our players progress on Twitter @compLexityLive, in the brackets on ESL or catch them being streamed on (NA) or / (EU).

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