League of Legends: Dominion

BY Andrew Miesner / August 4, 2011

League of Legends is introducing a new game mode in their next huge update, which is named Dominion.


Dominion takes place on a map called The Crystal Scar, an old mining town named Kalamanda that’s a little more populated and active than the standard Summoner’s Rift map. Instead of the three lanes across the map, there’s a circle with five different capture points placed around it, and a series of jungle paths running through the center. The goal is to hold down capture points, which you can claim by standing on them and channeling a spell for a few seconds (the more channelers, the faster it goes, and damage will interrupt the process). This drains away “nexus health” from the other team. When one team is completely out of nexus health, the game is over.


LoL has a large fanbase, and they intend to set themselves even further apart from other MOBA games. While other titles such as DotA have had similar modes (Capture Mode for DotA is similar), the map’s layout will make for extremely quick and tactical gameplay. Clashes centered around controlling the capture points will surely provide not only exhilirating gameplay but a brand new spectator experience aswell. For a full preview, check out the source