Live on Three #40

BY Andrew Miesner / February 6, 2010

After one week of public release for CSProMod, including reactions from the pro-player community in both 1.6 and Source, along with the media’s thoughts, Head of Development Alex Garfield will be a guest on Live On three this Sunday at 4 PM EST/22:00 CET. We will be talking about how the release has gone thus far and if things have gone as expected, better, or worse, his reactions to the player and media statements, more information and hopefully a general release date for 1.05, and what the plan is for CSProMod for the future of the Counter-Strike community.

Other news topics to be discussed include:

ESL’s Intel Extreme Masters Asia Championships wind down.
Greatest Team of All Time?
A man named Arbalet continues to pump money into esports.
Lawrence “Malystryx” Phillips has written an article detailing the death of Warcraft 3 in Europe.
Major League Gaming announces details of their first Combine event; Ralph Rivera from AOL to MLG
GGL gets bought by PrismOne, wants to be the “Facebook of gamers”
The TeamLiquid StarLeague heads into the Round of 16 with action continuing to heat up
Marvel vs Capcom 2 rakes in $4.2 Million for Xbox Live Arcade, more re-released to come from Capcom?


Tune in Sunday at 4 PM EST/22:00 CET at