Live on Three – #52

BY Andrew Miesner / May 30, 2010

Today’s show will feature a very special guest, one who they’ve been teasing about for a long time. Major League Gaming‘s United States of  America Sundance DiGiovanni will join the show, giving his first interview since becoming CEO of MLG when three weeks ago former CEO United States of America Matthew Bromberg stepped down after a difference in opinion with Sundance on the future of MLG.

They will talk with Sundance about several topics including:

The incident with Bromberg and what his differing vision of the league is, additions to the PC circuit including the possible selection of Quake Live and Starcraft 2, the difficulties of inclding Super Street Fighter 4, the release of Halo: Reach and the impact moving forward, the floundering of and how is shaping up, and why MLG refuses to use the term “eSports”, plus much more!

Other news topics today include:

– Blizzard signs official deal with GomTV for Starcraft 2, Starcraft, Warcraft 3 and WoW in Korea, dropping KeSPA and giving the league’s till August to figure things out
– Flash destroys a rather lackluster Jaedong 3-0 to win the MSL finals
– White-Ra takes out Idra in the HDH finals, Tester wrecks Idra and White-Ra in the Altitude TL Invitational
– EG announces MSI tournament series for Quake Live, CS 1.6, TF2 and Starcraft 2 which will have at least $3,500 per tournament
– Na’Vi invited to Dreamhack, DaHanG has to drop out due to school commitments
– ESWC hosting a $5,000 fragmovie contest
– Live updates from the NorCal Regionals featuring Justin Wong, Mike Ross, John Choi, Ricky Ortiz and more

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