Lizzuma and Gensulitor Interview Pre-MLG Anaheim

BY Andrew Miesner / July 16, 2011

We are checking in with Lizzuma and Gensulitor after their first and second place finishes. They will both be attending MLG Anaheim and this is what they had to say.



How does it feel to win two tournaments in a row for the compLexity Academy?

I feel alright. I wasn’t in that great of a condition for the 2nd tournament. Had to wake up early for work, and had only gotten 6 hours of sleep for 2 nights in a row. I tend to play phenomenally worse when I don’t have a full night’s sleep. So, I wish I could have performed better, but winning is still nice.

Do you feel that your game since you have joined has improved? Are you getting more practice in than you use to?

My TvZ has improved a lot, specifically thanks to Ryze. He is a really great practice partner, willing to pound out a lot of games in a row, and takes it seriously. He’s very analytical, and we discuss really specific things that can improve our play. I still haven’t gotten to practice as much as I’d like to with the other guys on the roster, but I haven’t been very proactive about it so hopefully that will change soon.

Do you have one player on the team that you have gravitated more towards than the others or are you all pretty equally connected?

Well naturally having my friend from down the street, Ke (Lagrangian) on the team is nice. So we’re pretty close. He actually let me come over to his house to use the internet for a week+ while mine was out because my roommate didn’t pay the bill. I hope to get some games in with Gensulitor soon though, since we’ll be rooming at Anaheim ^^.

What will you be doing to prepare for MLG Anaheim?

Basically practice all day, and get a lot of games in on the maps they will use. I’m really hoping to refine my mech play in TvT, as I felt it was necessary to start using it as the metagame has shifted very drastically in that matchup.

How difficult do you think the open bracket is going to be with players such as Alicia? What are your expectations for MLG?

As MLG gains popularity among foreigners and Koreans, it’s only going to get harder. Columbus was already scary enough, so I expect Anaheim to be very brutal. My expectations are to make it farther than I did at Columbus, where I made it to Open WR4 before losing a long series to Catz. So, basically, I want to make it on stage this time 🙂

Do you have any shout outs?

Yes, shout out to whoever made the custom game “Star Strikers.” That game is the shit. Thank you, sir.



Firstly, we are quite curious as to where you got the name Gensulitor, could you inform us?

When I was a little kid on battle net 1.0 I saw all these people with ridiculous hard-to-figure-out-how-to-pronounce names and thought they were baller for mind-f***ing everyone (I was ten or so, mind you), so I looked up a Latin translator and plugged stuff in. “Gensulitor” ensued, and it stuck.  In retrospect its not very hard to pronounce.

Were you very disappointed that you finished second instead of first? Did you figure out what went wrong and where you need to improve?

I just finished building my own new computer last week. I don’t really need a new graphics card, and the trip to MLG is a much bigger deal anyways ;D.  As for my performance: I see and understand all of my serious mistakes.  Aside from many blatantly asinine micro mistakes and army positioning/decision making mistakes, I did realize some legitimate shortcomings in some of my builds.  Generally: the biggest issue with some of my more eccentric builds is that they are only effective in certain situations and they must be accompanied by more extensive scouting.  Otherwise I need to focus on earlier medivacs + stim marines in my tvt more often. I understand why I need them but I hate rushing to medivacs after expanding: it leaves me with a low army value during the early midgame where my unit control is most effective.

Sometimes I’ll make horrible decisions just for fun, even in tournament settings. I have a bit too much fun while playing Starcraft.  Also, an afterthought, I need to use Strike Cannon more, although it’s mainly a TvP thing.

What do you feel is your strongest matchup in Starcraft II?

My best match up is generally TvP although neither the ladder or complexity academy has matched me up with many protosses lately, so it’s slightly out of practice.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to show my dirty TvP sty to the academy yet, like 1-1-1 into reactor medivacs on one base, or one base ghosts, or no gas for the first 9 minutes…. =D

 How are you going to be preparing for MLG Anaheim? Will it be any different than your normal practice routine?

As MLG comes closer I’ll be talking less and less on stream and focusing more on the game. Also, I’ll be playing almost non-stop, besides work, sleep, and a camping trip this weekend.  In addition I may be doing more custom games than ladders. I will spend downtime watching GSL, that always helps.

How difficult do you think the open bracket is going to be with players like Alicia? What are your expectations for MLG?

`SlayerS`Alicia would scare me, but he plays Protoss.  He’s an incredible player but once I’m in practice for MLG I really shouldn’t have trouble with any Protoss players.  As for other players of such caliber, It’s a little troublesome but I’ll cross my fingers for friendly brackets and make marines.

Do you have any shout outs?

I have to give a shout out to LosTZealoT for making my website, to my whole intercollegiate Starcraft team down at RPI, to all my stream viewers/supporters, and finally, last but not least, to Complexity Gaming for making it happen!


Thanks to both of you and we will be cheering you on as you make your way through the open bracket!