LO3 Episode #12

BY Andrew Miesner / April 16, 2009

EG Exclusive Announcement, Ultimate Gamer down to the final six

This week’s show will feature an exclusive announcement from Evil Geniuses, which will be announced live on the air and only on Lo3. Team EG manager Alex “chibsquad” Garfield will be on the show to discuss in length the announcement, as well as talk with us about various developments of the team as of late including the new StarCraft division, and the Counter-Strike 1.6 team replacing Gravitas Gaming at the KODE5 finals. Expect some CSProMod talk as well!

WCG Ultimate Gamer is down to it’s final six competitors as StarSlay3r “Ciji” Thornton was eliminated this week in a rather dramatic episode. We will talk with her about her feelings of being eliminated by Mark and all of the emotions surrounding her relationship with him on the show, her experience on the show, and thoughts about people’s comments about her from the Internet.

We will go through the week’s happening in eSports including SK’s win at KODE5 Sweden, Pandemic’s win over compLexity in the TF2 CEVO finals, and the WoW 3.1 patch release and it’s effect on eSports.

Tune in Thursday, April 16th at 7 PM EST/01:00 AM CET at the following links. Wheat will be on the air an hour earlier with Wheatisms and music.

You can watch HERE on CTN or HERE to join the chat.