LO3 Episode #13

BY Andrew Miesner / April 23, 2009

Street Fighter 4 Blowout, Justin “Marvelous” Wong and Ryan “gootecks” Gutierrez featured

This week’s Lo3 goes all out for one of the most storied competitive gaming franchises in history, Street Fighter. USA’s Street Fighter legend Justin “Marevlous” Wong along with Street Fighter 4 podcast host and Bar Fights creator Ryan “gootecks” Gutierrez will be this week’s featured guests.

Street Fighter 4 has been out in the US and Europe for a little over two months now, and the competitive scene is just starting to heat up. The GameStop US Nationals tournament took place this past weekend in San Francisco, with the best fighters in the country including New York’s Justin “Marvelous” Wong, and California’s Chris “CSB” Barnes. Also invited to play exhibition matches were Japanese champion Iyo Dahlsim, Korean champion Poongko, and Japanese Street Fighter legend Umehara Daigo. Justin Wong won the US championship as well as defeating both Iyo and Poongko, while losing to rival Daigo in the final match.

Ryan “gootecks” Gutierrez hosted his inagural Bar Fights event in Los Angeles earlier this month to great success, with 500 people showing up to a community-run event. Ryan Guiterrez and Justin Wong will both be competing in this weekend’s WCG Fight Club event in New York City, which has been full for several weeks now and also features several Championship Gaming Series Dead or Alive players.

We will talk with Wong and Gutierrez about this past weekend’s event, Wong’s road to the US title, his match with Daigo, and thoughts on the international competition in general. We’ll go over the inagural Bar Fights event, and preview this weekend’s WCG tournament in NYC and if we should expect any upsets. We’ll cover all aspects of Street Fighter 4 itself, including balancing issues, character choices, different playstyles around the country, the upcoming Championship Edition update to be released, and Capcom’s stance on competitive gaming.

Other news items to be discussed this week include:

– WCG Ultimate Gamer down to the final episode, Amy, Chelsea, Swoozie eliminated
– Readmore.eu closing up shop after just 6 weeks of activity.
– Lurppis comes out of retirement to move to America and join EG.usa
– Valve releases new 1.6 patch, causing a huge sound bug with tournaments next week
– Quake Live update with new servers around the world, changes to Clan Arena
– ex-MYM.cs’s drama on where they will end up next

Tune in Thursday, April 23rdth at 7 PM EST/01:00 AM CET at the following links. Wheat will be on the air an hour earlier with Wheatisms and music.

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