LO3 Episode #22

BY Andrew Miesner / July 12, 2009

On July 4th, freedom arrived in the form of the Worldwide Federation of Gaming, a new organization who’s goal is to be the governing body of tournament-style competitive gaming across numerous gaming platforms and genres. Displaying the motto ‘Built for Gamers, Backed by Gamers’, the website launched at www.WWFOG.com and includes the first details of the federation, which has a $10 membership fee that gives access to the forum and federation’s professional gamers. The federation has sealed a partnership with Empire Arcadia, a team of gamers based out of New York City which includes CEO Arcadia Isaiah “TriForce” Johnson, Street Fighter legend Justin Wong, and WCG Ultimate Gamer’s Robert “Prod1gy X” Paz.

Triforce will be joining this week’s show as our special guest to talk about all aspects of the federation. How it works, why it will work, when will it start, how it will make money and be sustainable, how it will compare to other league’s, if it will work with other league’s, how current gaming teams fit into the mix, and so on. He will also be giving a report on players’ Justin Wong and Marn’s bootcamp in Japan, where they are practicing nonstop for next week’s Evolution event and SBO next month. Former GotFrag editor-in-chief Mark “jESUIT” Cheben will also be calling in to give his thoughts.

Other topics include:

– Related to the WWFOG, an anonymous article was written on SK-Gaming regarding the federation. Anonymous posting is lame. We’ll talk about the aspects of posting articles, columns and news anonymously, and whether editorial sites should allow such behavior.
– Evolution is a week away and everyone is practicing hardcore for the battle that will commence. Famous Japanese player Daigo has been confirmed for the event, with several other Japanese players pending. Old school, new school, East vs West, USA vs Japan, many story lines to cover.
– ESL and Razer announce a 16-player European Quake Live tournament with several top names including Stermy, Fox, Cypher and av3k. This will be the first major European QL tournament of the year, and will give us a good look at what we can expect at QuakeCon.
– Counter-Strike 1.6 heats up again as GameGune finalizes it’s participants list which includes Wicked, Virtus.Pro, Mousesports, emuLate, and ALTERNATE. WCG Sweden will see a battle between fnatic, SK Gaming, Lemondogs and Begrip. We’ll give our predictions on the forthcoming events.
– MLG Anaheim reportedly confirmed by the Anaheim Convention Center for November. We’ll talk about how this fits into MLG’s circuit plans, and speculate on what exactly Sundance is doing in Dallas.
– Grubby wins the GomTV Invitational, his first major victory of the year. Can he continue this going into the next events?

You can watch HERE on CTN or HERE to join the chat.