LO3 with DJWheat – Episode 3

BY Andrew Miesner / February 5, 2009

Tonight marks the third episode of LO3 featuring Marcus “DJWheat” Graham. 

LO3 (Live on Three) is a weekly Pro-Gaming video/audio podcast that airs on Thursday @ 7PM EST on ComplexityGaming.com and djWHEAT.tv. Each week djWHEAT brings new topics for the community to chew up and discuss.

This week’s LO3 feature topic is: Community. When I called “weenus”, this week’s special guest, we began to get sidetracked talking about how the community has changed quite a bit in the past 4 years and how some of that change has been extremely negative. In this episode we explore the current state of the community and give you the opportunity to give your perspective on an aspect of eSports that has a lot of power.

In light of the Super Bowl this past Sunday, we have some fun in a segment that is a whole lot of “WHAT IF”. What if you could somehow see the match-up between coL 2006 and russian squad, M19 2002 (who won WCG 2002)… or maybe you’d love to see legendary Fatal1ty go 5 games against the recent 16-year-old powerhouse Avek in Quake 3. You choose the game, you choose your teams, you make the impossible happen.

Other topics include:

– Community: Helping or Hurting eSports?

– Pro-Gaming Dream Matches – Which two teams or players do you want to see go head-to-head in a dream match-up?

– AGP Tour ¡V A recent interview with Jarod Reisin

– Special Guest: Bobby ‘weenus’ Hicks


As always, we’ll reserve a portion of the show to Open Phones so the community can give their thoughts and opinions on the show’s topics.


The show will begin Thursday 2/5/09 @ 7PM EST and I’ll go live at 6PM EST with Wheatisms and Music.


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 Recording of the Show