LO3 with DJWheat

BY Andrew Miesner / January 28, 2009


Tonight on CTN marks the second episode of LO3 featuring Marcus “DJWheat” Graham

Here’s what Wheat has to say about tonight’s show:


I was very happy with the way that the first episode of LO3 turned out… and I’m even more stoked to have “seperate” shows for eSports (LO3) and Gaming (Epileptic Gaming). I know that they mingled every once in awhile, with random Pro-Gaming talks or an interview with Angel, and when EG 2.0 EPISODE #96 started Rance shared a pro-gaming interest with me so more eSports content slipped through.

But what’s most interesting about LO3 is there are no barriers. It’s the show I wish I would have started back in the early days of broadcasting (2001-2004)… but even then I’m not sure I had the chops. Any eSports themed show that I may have done between 2004-2008 was merely a product of the company I was working for… and not my own twisted opinion. That’s why I think LO3 has the makings to be a really great eSports show, and I’m excited about that.

This week’s LO3 features a topic which has always existed in Pro-Gaming, Regular Gaming, and even in the recent headlines. CHEATING. I’m looking forward to this episode because I want it to be a tell all. Have you cheated? Have you thought of cheating? How has cheating evolved? Will we ever crush it? It may seem like a topic that has no resolution, but there’s still much debate to be had. And don’t forget, YOU WON’T BE JUDGED!

Other topics include:

Cheating: The 100% Tell All Will we see any 2009

Break-Out games in Pro-Gaming? (Halo Wars, Global Agenda, QuakeLive, etc)

Letters from the Mailbox


Additionally, I hope to have a special guest on to discuss some other recent happenings in Pro-Gaming and how it could effect 2009. The pre-show will begin at 6PM EST with Wheatisms and Music.

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Recording of the Episode


Week 1’s Episode: