Looking at Lifestyle #2

BY Andrew Miesner / October 26, 2009

Looking at Lifestyle #2

By Jason Bass

So here we go for round 2.  I came accross a couple of crazy things today and I had to share.

6 Year Old Body Builder

At first I was impressed, but when I started seeing the kids doing acrobatics on his kitchen table, I have to start asking myself what the hell are his parents thinking?  Don’t get me wrong this kid is impressive but sometimes I just don’t know how a parent can allow a child to do certain things.

New Star Wars Movies in 3D?

There have been hints, rumors and fanboy innuendo that we should expect the Star Wars saga to make its leap into the 3D medium for some time now. The only thing stopping those reports from becoming fact were the amount of coverage present in theater chains across the nation (and world). As time moves forward, and theater chains continually add 3D projectors to their auditoriums, we’re nearing a point of time where more and more directors( and studios) are willing to take that technology-driven leap forward.

So, what does this mean about new Star Wars films…in 3D?

All signs that I have sign point this being a hoax but this is the first article I saw that suggests maybe not.  Sure would be cool if it were true.  Lucas is heavily at work on the Star Wars live TV show which I will talk about below.

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Star Wars Live TV Series

So I am not real sure what to think about this.  I have always been a huge fan of Star Wars, even Jar Jar couldn’t scare me away.  This takes place in the time period between the birth of Luke and Leia and before Episode IV.  Lucas always does a fairly good job so I am sure it will be good.  I am just not certain I am ready to pick up a whole new set of characters and from all I am hearing NO JEDIS??? WTF.  That could almost be a deal killer for me.  We will hope that is not true.  I know I will check it out I am just skeptical on whether or not it will keep me watching religiously.

More about the TV Show Here….

Mad Max 4

Here is another one I am just a little wary of.  Potentially a Mad Max with no Mel Gibson?  It has not been decided yet but just even considering it makes me a bit uneasy.  I am not sure I could see old man Mel going back to do a Mad Max after all of these year.  I think it is time for Hollywood to get a little more creative instead of remaking every decent movie of the last 50 years and if they are not remaking them they are dredging up old ones and making more sequels.  What is next Airplane 3(30 years later).  If they were to do Airplane 3 they should get the same chic who flashed her tits on the screen and have her do it again 30 years later.  Now that would be a site to see 😉

More on Mad Max here…

Red Cliff

John Woo is back and it looks like this could be a good one.  That is if you like this sort of thing.  Check out the trailer below.

Paranormal Saw

Funny or Die has made a funny mash up video spoofing Paranormal Activity and Saw.

LOL of the Day

It’s Gay to Smoke New Anti-Smoking Campaign tells teens it is gay to smoke. Please bear in mind this is a joke but it is real funny.  This is the LOL of the day for sure.

New Anti-Smoking Ads Warn Teens ‘It’s Gay To Smoke’