Lucifron leaves Fnatic

BY Andrew Miesner / February 22, 2011

Spanish SC2 player Pedro “LucifroN” Moreno Duran has left Fnatic for a Spanish team named Aprender. Lucifron joins two other Spanish players, MikoeL and Nara. Departing a team with strong financial backing and marketing power, he leaves behind Fnatic’s roster with names like SEn, Fenix, TT1, KawaiiRice, Gretorp and lefnaij.

LucifroN made his name in Warcraft3, with a fast rise to the top level. As a Human player, he was very successful in major tournaments including BlizzCon 2008, ESWC Cheonan and World Cyber Games Finals in 2008, and much more.

LucifroN was quoted saying:


Today I join the best national StarCraft 2 team. I’ll represent the club in online tournaments and LANS, especially at the national level, which for me, is what really matters.

I will work in everything we can to make this club even bigger and a standard for StarCraft 2 in our country. Thank you for trusting me APSC2.


Source: Aprender via ESFI