MaDFroG returns to SK for SC2

BY Andrew Miesner / August 7, 2010

SK-Gaming has announced the signing of their frist StarCraft II Player.

Fredrik “MaDFroG” Johansson decided he wanted to come back to play StarCraft II, it took him and SK just 20 minutes to figure out the details of his contract. Fredrik won the 2004 Blizzard Worldwide Invitational and was a finalist at ESWC 2003.

MaDFroG will be playing two show matches this weekend at the Blizzard Regional Finals in Cologone. His frist competition will be at GamesCon, which is also taking place in Cologne.

“When I decided to give StarCraft 2 a real try and the community got notice, I was contacted by most of the bigger teams out there. It was when SK was reaching out to me that I had the feeling you need to have as a player. It took us 20 minutes to figure out details and here we are, I am back in SK and I am proud of that. Thanks to the team in trusting me after such a long time and thanks to SK’s partners that made the deal possible. Though I am not at a 100% competitive shape right now, both, SK and I know that I will get there in the future. It feels great to be back!” – Fredrik ‘MaDFroG’ Johansson, SK SC2 Player

“It must have been 2004, when I was passing over the trophy for eSports player of the year to Fredrik if I remember correctly. He is the perfect addition to our roster of players, a true world champion and what a great name in the community. Together we will try to achieve a lot of great things. Titles and placements of course, but also a lot for the community. Fredrik and SK have a lot in common when it comes down to things like that and you can expect some nice features in the near future.” – Alexander T. Müller, Managing Director of SK Gaming

Here is the video of MaDFroG and Sk-Gaming making the deal official.