Makeshift Announces New Roster

BY Andrew Miesner / December 31, 2008

Los Angeles, California – December 30, 2008 – makeSHIFT Gaming, one of North America’s upcoming eSports Organizations is pleased to announce the acquisition of new players for the 2009 CEVO season, LAN circuit and ESL-Online.

About 2 months ago, makeSHIFT Gaming announced the pickup of a new team, and made a public statement with the plans to overcome all of the community doubt, and take 2009 by storm. After the Championship Gaming Series decided to close shop, a lot of counter-strike source players were looking for a new home, even if that meant meshing with some new blood on the scene. That is what has brought counter-strike veteran, Moe “mOE” Assad from teams such as Powersgaming, EFG and OPTX over to the team. Along with Jimmy “nikoN” Pike, and 1.6 legend… Peter “supply” Lee, this team is looking to make serious moves in 2009.

“We just want to thank makeSHIFT’s Management and Staff, for keeping us comfortable and making sure we have some money rolling in monthly, because that just makes it a lot easier to be hungry and keep that hunger inside of you.” says team leader, Scott “crimz” Yates It’s hard to believe such a new organization can come this far so fast, but being able to compensate us for our team and hard work is something that proves that cs is on the rise again, and that makeSHIFT is here to stay. We’re looking forward to playing for makeSHIFT and representing their brand to the fullest.”

Official makeSHIFT Gaming CS Roster:

Jimmy “nikoN” Pike
Jordan “zyphh” Bonura
Scott “crimz” Yates
Sean “znaes” Oar
Peter “supply” Lee
Jason “NovVi” Lee
Moe “mOE” Assad