Mancloud to Sub for coL.LoL This Weekend

BY Andrew Miesner / May 28, 2014

This weekend, compLexity League of Legends will be down a man as mid-laner Neil “pr0lly” Hammad tends to family obligations back home. However, there is no cause for alarm as the ever-popular Zachary “Mancloud” Allan Hoschar will be filling in temporarily.

Mancloud is the mid-laner for Curse Academy and is regarded as one of the best AP mid-laners in North America. He plays a diverse champion pool including Nidalee, Ryze, and Karthus. He is no beginner when it comes to the LCS stage, as he competed in the LCS Playoffs for Season 3 with Team Vulcun.

Danan “Kaniggit” Flander, the compLexity League of Legends General Manager had this to say:


It was actually a perfect accident type of situation. We were looking for an LCS-caliber mid-laner who was, first and foremost, nearby. Luckily, Zach was still living with us, albeit temporarily, in what used to be the XDG practice facility and gaming house. A second requirement was that we needed a player who wasn’t participating in the Coke Series on this same weekend because, due to LCS regulations, players cannot participate in both the Coke Series and the LCS within the same 72 hours. With that being said, Zach was our intended choice from the start and the cards fell into place perfectly being that Curse Academy doesn’t participate in the Coke Series again for an extra week after this substitution.


coL.LoL will be taking on both the Evil Geniuses (Saturday) and CLG (Sunday) this weekend. More information regarding this matches will become available later this week.