Match Fixing in GGL?

BY Andrew Miesner / January 20, 2011

Yesterday a video was posted on YouTube about the Call of Duty: Black Ops Ultimate Combat 4v4 Open Domination Ladder in GGL. The video consisted of one of the players in the ladder explaining how he felt the tournament spots were fixed, and that the admin (GGL-DonKing) did next to nothing to prevent, or mediate the situation.

The ladder, which started early December, was set up so that the top eight teams at January 17, 2011 would compete in the tournament and the top four teams would attend a LAN tournament to compete for the grand prize of $13,000. As the ladder progressed, one of the teams called Average Gamers decided to kick up their play a notch as they decided to challenge a higher ranked team, Scary Kids Scaring Kids (SKSK). SKSK did not show up until 8 minutes after scheduled match time, and there were only three of the four members of the team ready to play. By 14 minutes after scheduled match time, the members of Average Gamers could not wait any longer and had to call a Forfeit Win. This was an acceptable action because of the rules posted for the tournament:


Failure to show up to compete within 10 minutes of a scheduled match time will result in a forfeit loss (with point penalty) for the squad that does not show up, and a forfeit win for the squad that does.


After posting the forfeit, the team captain of Average Gamers XIplayaXI received a message from the team captain of SKSK, stating that he contacted DonKing and he had said the match should be played. XIplayaXI then responded saying that is not that big of a deal, and they should just get over it because they are still in the top four. SKSK then sent a message saying that the match had been deleted by the admin and that a match can be rescheduled whenever is best. The major flaw in this is that the admin did not listen to both sides of the story. He only listened to SKSK and acted on their behalf. XIplayaXI then messaged DonKing on AIM and requested a party chat to hear both sides of the story and he refused.

XIplayaXI then received several messages from the top ranking teams saying that they will help Average Gamers win and advance into the top 8 where they will be safely entered in the tournament. In doing so, they revealed their plans to fix the tournament slots. The plan was to help Average Gamers advance into the tournament, ensuring the victory for the top tier teams without any extra effort.

We contacted GGL-DonKing, but he refused to comment on the subject.

Below is the original video regarding the matter: