BY Andrew Miesner / March 6, 2022

From joining the Gamesquare Esports Inc. family of companies, to welcoming TimtheTatman as part owner, 2021 was a tremendous year of growth for Complexity. We have also welcomed a number of talented players, creators and staff. The future continues to burn bright as we seek to be a pillar of innovation and leadership in our industry.

In esports, the people behind the brand are often unsung heroes. We are proud to be able to showcase the newest members of the Complexity staff with our “Meet The Staff” series.

Meet the 2021 New Staff:

Bee Yancey
Senior Director of Partnerships

Meet Bee Yancey (she/her), our Director of Partnerships here at Complexity!

“Hi there, I am Bee Yancey and I oversee all of Complexity’s brand partnership accounts and experiences. I love working across the many Gamesquare entities and creating strategic solutions for our partners, especially those that intersect traditional sports and esports.”

  • Fun facts: I am a “starving” commercial/lifestyle actor and I have appeared in several national campaigns over the years. Lately, my schedule is a bit hectic so my roles are few and far between but I enjoy it when I can!
  • Favorite Game: Running from the TikTok guy!
  • Anything else you’d like to share? B.C. (Before Complexity) Most people know me as Bee Lee. Lee is my maiden name and now my middle name.

Michael Zervos
Director of Video

Meet Michael Zervos (he/him), our Director of Video and a true personality of the team. Below is a direct quote we got from Michael when we asked for him to give us a bio about him.

“I’m the Director of Video at Complexity.”

  • Fun facts: I like reading.
  • Favorite Game: Grim Fandango.

Nick Ridgeway
Assistant General Manager

Meet Nick Ridgeway (he/him), our Assistant General Manager here at Complexity! Andrew helps a lot with our talent & team ops.

“My name is Nick aka Ashes and I am the Assistant General Manager for Complexity Gaming. My job is to help take care of our players and talent and make sure they have no worries other than being the best at their craft. I also help scout new talent and esports to enter.”

  • Fun facts: I am the winningest coach in console esports history.
  • Favorite games: League of Legends/Apex.
  • Anything else you’d like to share? I stream and create YouTube content!

Christina Grushkin
Head of Sales

Meet Christina Gurshkin (she/her), our Head of Sales for Complexity. Before Complexity, Christina worked at Twitch (Client Strategy) and Stream Elements (Brand Partnerships).

“I’m CG and I’m the Head of Sales at Complexity. My job is to build a best-in-class sales team who can help brands, that are trying to reach the 18-34 demographic, find synergies with our organization, content creators, and athletes! My favorite part of the job is meeting our amazing talent and seeing how passionate they are. <3”

  • Fun facts: I started my own tiny company! I’ve developed an all-natural spot acne treatment that I’m working to launch soon! (follow me on insta: Bombthatcosmetics)
  • Favorite games: Beat Saber, level 18 on campaign mode 😂
  • Anything else you’d like to share? I have 4 dogs, 2 rabbits, and 2 kids!

Eric Aaberg
Social Media Producer (TikTok & Instagram)

Meet Eric Aaberg (he/him), our Social Media Producer over TikTok & Instagram. Eric joined us to help out with creating TikToks and now helps create other social media content for Instagram as well.

“Hi everyone my name is Eric and I’m our Social Media Producer (TikTok & Instagram) here at Complexity! I joined the team back in Fall 2021 to help vamp up our TikTok channel, and have been known in the office as the “TikTok Guy” – always walking around the office, making TikToks with any of the staff that dare to make eye contact with me…”

  • Fun facts: I’m a Cheerleader at my college (UT Dallas) and absolutely love photography, road trips, and traveling. I also try to vlog and stream in my free time on my personal channels!
  • Favorite games: Minecraft is an absolute classic, and I’ve been really getting back into Fortnite lately. My friends are trying to get me into Valorant again…. We’ll see, lol.
  • Anything else you’d like to share? I have a dog named Lola, and a goal of mine in 2022 is trying to get at least every Complexity staff member finally in a TikTok.

Andrew Stickney
Partnerships Account Manager

Meet Andrew Stickney (he/him), our Partnerships Account Manager here at Complexity! Andrew helps a lot with our Partnerships Team in his day-to-day!

“My name is Andrew Stickney and I’m a Partnerships Account Manager for Complexity! I help take care of our wonderful partners and make our partnerships fun and impactful. Part of my job is working with our players and creators to coordinate all talent involvement in our partnerships!”

  • Fun facts: I love all things sports and I collect sports cards (Instagram @SoLohCards).
  • Favorite games: Rocket League.
  • Anything else you’d like to share? Previously, I was the General Manager at Rogue and the London Royal Ravens. I was with Rogue since it’s inception in May of 2016.

Grant Osborne
Junior Videographer

Meet Grant Osborne (he/him), our Junior Videographer here at Complexity! Grant joined us in the fall and now helps out a lot as a part of our Video Team.

“My name is Grant Osborne and I’m a Junior Videographer here at COL. I help create visually captivating stories of our content creators and professional players within the org.”

  • Fun facts: I love going to EDM Festivals, going on road trips & hikes, and playing games with friends
  • Favorite games: Halo Infinite (& Apex Legends is slowly coming back into my rotation)

Olly Emery
Head of Marketing

Meet Olly Emery (he/him), our Head of Marketing & CMO for Complexity Gaming and GameSquare Esports. Olly helps lead the marketing direction & teams for Complexity and GameSquare, here from our office in Frisco, TX!

“My name is Olly, and I run the marketing department at Complexity and for GameSquare. My focus at Complexity is on nurturing and growing our global community of fans and further developing our brand. A big part of that is ensuring that we continue to have meaningful conversations with our audience through our various marketing activities.”

  • Fun facts: Love the outdoors – skiing, surfing and hiking!
  • Favorite Games: Call of Duty and FIFA!

John Williams
Art Director

Meet John Williams (he/him), our Art Director here at Complexity. John helps lead our Art Department that creates the image behind Complexity.

“My name is John Williams (like the composer), and I’m the new Art Director at Complexity. I’m responsible for the overall visual design language used in our marketing and production campaigns. I work to direct people across several of our internal departments to maintain a consistent style, layout, look and feel that our other creatives on staff then build upon. I also help in designing unique elements like branding, sales/marketing collateral, and websites internally.”

  • Fun facts: Former Halo and Gears of War Competitor. Once broke a bone playing Sega Genesis growing up. Used to have long hair, and everyone would tell me I looked like Dave Grohl.
  • Favorite games: Halo Infinite.
  • Anything else you’d like to share? I’m 31, married, and have 2 daughters.

Adan Morales
Junior Video Editor

Meet Adan Morales (he/him), our Junior Video Editor here at Complexity! Adan helps create some of our gameplay highlights that you see on our social media channels!

“I’m Adan Morales, Jr. Video Editor for Complexity in charge of creating the weekly highlight videos for TimTheTatman, The Baka Bros, and the many different games we compete in. I scout the internet to find the best and funniest moments from your favorite content creators and put it together for you to enjoy!”

  • Fun facts: I enjoy biking, playing football (soccer) and playing video games.
  • Favorite games: The Witcher 3.

Kin Kwan
3D Generalist

Meet Kin Kwan (he/him), our 3D Generalist here at Complexity! Kin helps a lot with the cool animations, intros/outros, and other crazy projects with the Video Team!

Hey! I’m Kin and I’m the 3D Generalist at Complexity. I’m a self-taught 3D artist and I specialize in lighting and photo-realism. My responsibilities range from simple motion graphics videos to full-blown scenes with characters and environments.

  • Fun facts: I have a morbid obsession with true crime podcasts.
  • Favorite games: Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Anything else you’d like to share? I have 2 cats.

Madison Reynolds
Video Producer

Meet Madison Reynolds (he/him), our Video Producer here at Complexity! Madison recently joined our team in just the beginning of January 2022 a part of our Video Team!

“I am a Cinematographer & Editor! My love for this industry came from my two older brothers who I looked up to constantly as I grew myself. My oldest brother created videos at a younger age and I loved what he did and wanted to try it myself. The other brother I saw as a leader and it encouraged me to do the same throughout my life.

A part of what I do is to tell stories that I love to share and create imagery that may inspire others or just entertain people in-between their own passions in life. The possibility of creating something new is what gets me out of bed in the morning.”

  • Fun facts: I rowed in high school and me and my doubles partner placed 18th in the nation, I like to play disc golf, I love biking at the nearby parks with a bike I have been using for the past 8 years. If I can I love to find new places with my cameras and just create something like photos or videos.
  • Favorite games: Battlefield 2042.
  • Anything else you’d like to share? Excited to see what I and those around me can create in the near future.

The Next Era of Complexity

2021 was a stellar year for Complexity, but this year is going to be even better. We will continue to lead the charge in the esports industry through more hires, more innovation, original content and of course, more trophies.

So what’s next? Stay tuned to find out via our social media channels or newsletter!