Meet the new coL.cs: Irukandji

BY Andrew Miesner / May 28, 2009

With the addition of the new Counter-Strike team, we will be interviewing every single player so you, the community, can get to know these new faces. To kick off this series, I figured the best place to start would be with the new captain. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Andrew “Irukandji” Timmerman!

Quick Facts

IrukandjiFull Name: Andrew Timmerman
Age: 20
Hometown: Charleston, SC
In-Game Role: Leader
Favorite Weapon: M4A1 / AK-47
Headset: Creative
Mouse: MX518
Mousepad: PureTrak Talent coL Edition
Config: Click Here to Download!

Previous Accomplishments: 

1st – WCG US Invitational
1st – CEVO-p Season 10
2nd – ESEA-invite Season 2
2nd – ESL Philly Continental Finals
5/6 – Extreme Masters LA

The Interview

First of all welcome to the compLexity family! How does it feel to be a part of the best organization in North America?
It feels really nice as I’ve been a fan of coL for many years and always dreamed of being part of the family.  The fans of coL (the radicoLs, as I now call them) are insanely kind and loyal, moreso than I could have ever imagined before I joined.  JaX and Jason are also a thrill to play for as they give you lots of motivation daily to strive to be your best.

Living together and having each scrim feel similar to LAN really motivates us as a team to give 100% each and every time we play.  It’s also a ton easier to fix mistakes and get better when you’re all together and you know each teammate is completely focused on the task at hand.Your roster was recognized as the best in the USA, but for those in the coL community that may not know who Irukandji is, tell us about yourself.
I’m just your average, ordinary, everyday jellyfish with poisonous tendencies!  No, really, I’m 20 years old and I am an upcoming Senior at the College of Charleston where I’m majoring in Biology with plans to attend medical school (taking MCATs this summer!).  I currently work for ESEA running events and helping lead the new mapping initiative so that’s my awesome job on the side of gaming/school.  Pretty average guy, but I enjoy sports (regular and adventure), crime dramas, and Steak n Shake runs with savi0r after practice.

Outside of gaming, what kind of things do you enjoy?
I really enjoy playing most sports (basketball, soccer, tennis, etc.) and also enjoy hunting, skiing, and other outdoor sports.  As I hinted at above, I’ve recently become a big mainstream TV fan (probably as a means to avoid studying) and some of my favorite shows are numb3rs/NCIS/Mentalist/ManvsWild/DeadliestCatch so I’m sure I’ll be blogging about some of those in the future.  As a team, we’re currently watching all the seasons of the Wire so that will probably go on my favorites list pretty soon, as well. 

When the x3o team was announced as the new coL.cs, it was also stated that all of you lived in the same house. How has the transition to living together helped your team progress?
Living together and having each scrim feel similar to LAN really motivates us as a team to give 100% each and every time we play.  It’s also a ton easier to fix mistakes and get better when you’re all together and you know each teammate is completely focused on the task at hand.  Out of game chemistry and friendship is also very important to being a successful gaming team so living together has really helped strengthen those bonds.

IrukandjiWhat does an average day in the new “compLexity house” consist of?
11AM – 12 PM: Wake up / shower (everyone but our sugar daddy hero who already left for work)
12 PM: Go to lunch (Greek, Mexican, Five Guys, Noodles Company, or Seafood)
Afternoon: Mix of basketball/gym/soccer, filling out job/volunteer apps, job interviews, errand runs, etc.)
6 PM: Either start cooking dinner as a team (if we’re not going to gym to work out with hero) or send one person to pick up dinner for the rest of us.
7:30 PM – 12/1 AM: CS Practice / matches
1 AM: Steak n Shake run and watch The Wire
2-2:30 AM: Sleep

To further getting to know you and your team, share with us a funny story about either yourself of one of your teammates.
At ESL Germany in Hannover, our ESL assigned driver Bastian was taking us around to our different residences to put up our luggage and get food.  We went to this German butchery to get food and Hero got Bratwurst with “slop” – no idea what slop is, but basically really gross-looking spinach.  When we stopped at mehLer and his girlfriend’s assigned house, hero and NineSpot (speculation still rages over who’s to blame) spilled slop on the car.  It smelled absolutely awful and looked terrible and since Bastian was at the house introducing mehLer to the owner, we had to try to clean it up before he got back.  I broke off a tree branch and tried to get it cleaned up before he got back, but failed awfully.  We could tell Bastian was pretty mad, but he didn’t really let it show.  It was just awful since the rest of the time we went around Hanover, the car smelled awful.  Pics included (one of butchery and rest of slop / me cleaning it)!

Irukandji Irukandji Irukandji Irukandji

It has almost been a week since you and your boys joined up with coL. What have you noticed so far about the compLexity community and its fan base that may differ from x3o?
The “radicoLs” are just crazy – they are always behind you 100% and it’s so great reading the motivating comments on the website before/after matches.  The fan base, while being extremely large, also seems very close-knit and I can’t wait to get to know a lot of them on a personal basis.  I’ve never had this type of support around me in gaming and it feels amazing.

In the past few appearances on the international level, the team hasn’t performed so hot. How are you guys working towards giving the Euros a run for their money?
This was part of our motivation for moving in together, but we realize there’s a lot more we need to do to bring dominance back to the coL name.  Our plans right now are to do a much better job analyzing international demos as a team and try our best to get a true feel for the European playstyle even if we aren’t scrimming them on a daily basis.  A big part of competing against Euros is just coming in with the right mindset and I’m sure having JaX/Jason as managers will really help keep our heads where they need to be.

IrukandjiThe American community has been talking about a possible rivalry between the new roster and EG. Do you see them or any other American team as a threat in representing the USA on an international level?
Every American team is a threat regardless of past accomplishments, current league, or any other factor.  We have to do our best to bring our A game each and every match regardless of what tag the opposing team may be wearing.  With that said, I do feel that they are easily the best team in the USA outside of us so I’m sure there will be a bit of rivalry between us.  It will never be anything personal (i.e. Michigan/Ohio St.) as we’re all friends outside the game, but we definitely want to beat them as badly as possible in game.
Thanks for your time Andrew! To wrap things up, is there anything else you’d like to say to the compLexity fans or haters? Shout outs?
Just want to throw a big thanks out to the entire coL family (management, radicoLs, sponsors, etc.) for giving us the chance to play for you guys.  It’s our pledge that we’re going to give it our all each and every time we play to bring championships back to the coL name.  Finally, a big thanks to the coL sponsors who are making all this possible: Creative, PureTrak, NationVoice, Next Gen Servers, and G8 Clothing.

Stay tuned for the next interview in the “Meet the new coL.cs” series!