Method to coL.WoW

BY Andrew Miesner / March 31, 2009

The Syndicate is pleased to announce a major transfer of talent inside our organization.  Mikey “Method” So has hung up his Counter-Strike rifle and opted instead to join the ranks of our World of Warcraft team.

It’s no surprise to Mikey’s friends because it has long been a dream of his to ravage the Arenas of WoW with his feared Druid and we’re very happy to offer him the opportunity.  He has invested thousands of hours of hard core practice into this endeavor and we feel he’ll be a true asset to the squad.

Mikey’s replacement is a up and coming star once recruited by Craig “Torbull” Levine to be the ESEA cable tech.  Alex “JaX” Conroy discovered him at CPL Winter 2005.  Although he was the hotel janitor he impressed JaX with his indepth knowledge of the game so Alex had him locked in his basement for the past 3 years just waiting for the proper time to release his skills on the CS world.  You know him better as Nick “JetBlk” Shaw.

When asked about the player swap, David “zid” Chin commented, “JaX did what now?”  Erik “dabears” Stromberg expressed similar confidence by saying, “He lost a bet right?  Is this April Fools or did I take too much Viagra again?”

Alongside this news we regret to announce that Ariel “SOck” Perez has left the organization.  S0ck has long warmed the bench and was eagerly awaiting his time in the spotlight.  When he found out that JetBlk was our secret basement developed superstar, he had the following to say: 

“Screw you guys, honestly.  I’m going to find JaX and MMA kick his ass back to Men’s Warehouse.  As for Mikey in WoW and JetBlk in CS I think you’re all idiots and can burn in hell.  I’m going to Chicken Kitchen.  Goodbye.”

When asked about his thoughts of the player trade, compLexity COO Jason Bass commented, “Wait, what?  I go to the Bahamas for a few days and Alex did what?  Was there alcohol involved?”  CEO Jason Lake echoed Mr. Bass’ sentiments when asked for a comment, but was sure the changes made by Conroy would work out in the end.

“I’ve known Alex for a long time and I fully support his roster decisions, however unorthodox.  If he says Mikey can ravage the plains of warlocks and wizards, I believe him.  If he says this oily JetBlk kid can headshot, I’ll believe that too.  Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what happens when S0ck hunts him down and I’m all about excitement in the coL Community.”


Keep it locked to for all the updates and continuing news.  Thanks to our sponsors, the coL Community and a special shoutout to JetBlk’s parents for not reporting him missing when JaX abducted him for his three year basement bootcamp.