MiBR Alive and Well

BY Andrew Miesner / March 10, 2009

After a disappointing performance at the ESL Extreme Masters, MiBR lost Renato “nak” Nakano to the ranks of FireGamers. Rumors appeared that the organization could be closing its doors.  These rumors were compounded by the fact the MiBR website is offline. We contacted MiBR owner, Paulo Velloso for a statement.

I’m aware of nak’s decision by the press too. He did not meet me to talk about his decision, so I’ll not comment it.

What I can say for the people involved with e-sports is that Made in Brazil is a solid institution. Will not close doors because of a poor campaign or because player A or B left the team. Unfortunately the website is out because of payment issues of the company I hired to keep it – in other words, I paid then and they did not paid the host company – so I fired them too. Is just a coincidence and the website will be online today with all information regarding those issues.


Here is the complete FireGamer’s line-up:
Bruno ‘bruno’ Ono
Bruno ‘bit’ Lima
Olavo ‘chucky’ Napoleão
Lincoln ‘fnx’ Lau
Renato ‘nak’ Nakano

Current MiBR line-up:
Raphael ‘cogu’ Camargo
Thiago ‘btt’ Monteiro
Carlos ‘KIKOOOO’ Segal
Guilherme ‘spacca’ Spacca