mibr Picks Up Spacca

BY Andrew Miesner / February 11, 2009

Made in Brazil has just announced the addition of former Firegamers player Guilherme “spacca” Spacca. Spacca comes on board replacing now former player Lincoln “fnx” Lau after what has appeared to be a lack of motivation to improve his gameplay and his overall performance in matches and practice.

GotFrag had a chance to speak with Team Manager Leandro Loiola about the roster change-out: “He had already played for several good teams, was one of the best players in last years Brasil Cup, has a very strong awp, and is very dedicated.”

This is the second roster change within 2 months for mibr, with Bruno “bit” Lima being replaced with Carlos “KIKOOOO” Segal in December 2008. The upcoming ESL EM Global Finals will be the teams first event of 2009 and it will take place March 6th and continue on til March 8th.

The roster for mibr is as follows:

Thiago “btt” Monteiro
Rafael “cogu” Camargo
Renato “nak” Nakano
Carlos “KIKOOOO” Segal
Guilherme “spacca” Spacca


Source: Fnatic.com