Mike Ross Stars in G4TV’s New Documentary: FOCUS

BY Andrew Miesner / July 26, 2011


FOCUS has posted and you can watch it here or embedded at the bottom of this post. Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


Today TV channel G4 announced it’s newest project; G4 Films. According to the news post, G4 will “find, develop, produce and license full and short films that are related to the passion we all share… video games.”

The first project from G4 Films, which hits tomorrow, is called FOCUS. This full-length documentary follows everyone’s favorite member of the Fighting Game Community, not to mention one of CompLexity’s newest family members, Mike Ross as he trains and competes in EVO 2010.

Even if you’re not a fan of fighting games, you should try and check the documentary out. Mike Ross is a great guy and deserves to get some attention from people outside the Fighting Game Community. Also, if there’s enough buzz around these kinds of eSports documentaries, chances are G4 might start making a documentary about your favorite eSports.

Unfortunately G4 didn’t say exactly when and how to watch FOCUS (TV or online). I assume it will be on the G4 website considering I don’t see it scheduled on either my cable box guild or the G4 website. Keeping that in mind, check out G4tv.com/FOCUS to get all the details as they are posted.