Mind of the Gamer #1 – coL.Ryan’s Protoss

BY Andrew Miesner / January 19, 2011

Welcome to the newest program in our lineup of gaming entertainment shows: THE MIND OF THE GAMER

MotG is a series hosted by Daniel “Sheekthief” Coreano of Ragequit.tv.  The premise of the series is to watch replays and demos of pro players while they describe why they did what they did and what they were thinking at the time.  Learn new thought trains and ways of approaching your game from the best out there!  Get into the Mind of the Gamer.

For our first episode Sheekthief sits down with our very own Ryan “Ryan” Rushia of compLexity’s StarCraft 2 squad.  Ryan discusses some Protoss game play and explains the different things he was thinking during the match.