Mindbomb becomes Nexus Gaming

BY Andrew Miesner / April 19, 2010

Formerly known as Mindbomb, the TF2 team has decided to tag up with a new organization, Nexus Gaming. The team was rumored to become Blight Gaming’s third TF2 team although it is unknown as to why the team decided not to join Blight in the first place.

Now that the team has decided which organization they want to represent, there has also been a minor roster change. With the departure of Tim “dummy” Olson, who was nXs’ former Demoman and has now joined ESEA-Open Die Hard, replacing him will be Davis “davis” Ford, formerly from teams dynamic and Strickland Propane fame.

Nexus Gaming is: 

John “punisher” Ecks
Tim “BOODAH519” Yates
Davis “davis” Ford
Luc “Luciious” Pearson
Ryan “paladin” Foley
Hong “hong” Cheung
Ryan “sycknesS” Mitchell

Source: ESEA News