Mini Documentary Star Dreams Released

BY Andrew Miesner / May 2, 2011

The concept of eSports can be pretty hard to convey to someone who isn’t into gaming. It’s difficult enough to get them to come to terms with the idea that you can make a living off of playing games, let alone that there are whole communities of fans who enjoy watching these people play. But that’s exactly what the mini documentary Star Dreams does.

Made by Luke Schoeppler Pierson (known as “Scretis”) and Veronica  “Verou” Idoate, Star Dreams is a series of interviews with the University of Illinois’ StarCraft II team asking players to describe what eSports is and what it means to go pro.

If you have a spare eight minutes check it out. These people obviously put a lot of work into this film and are genuine in their support of eSports.


Star Dreams from Luke Pierson on Vimeo.